WARMER MIXTAPES #171 | by Jonathan & Bill Gray and Jacob Cooper (The Mae Shi) of Signals

1. Ke$ha | Tik Tok by Signals

2. Deckchairs Overboard | That's The Way by Bill Gray
I've been listening to this song every morning for the past week, perfect aussie 80's arty/pop with every trick in the aussie 80's arty/pop playbook (hand claps, octave shifting flange bass, biting blownout guitar squeals etc.)...Split Enz stole their drummer and I'd kill someone (someone smaller though like under 5'2ish) to be able to say that about our band.

3. Little Beaver | Get Into The Party Life by Bill Gray
Got this little number from Brett Berg's fantastic blog Egg City Radio. It's great for sunsets, long walks on the beach and getting trashed on that beach, by yourself...Trying to figure out where you went wrong and if your ever going to get just one more chance to shine brighter then The Star of Bethlehem.

4. Alex Chilton | (Every Time I) Close My Eyes (#1) by Bill Gray
Alex Chilton faked his death using voodoo he learn whilst living in New Orleans but he can't fool the true believers. If I had to go party in Austin during SXSW and play songs I wrote 35 years ago for a bunch of nubiles I'd fake it too.

5. Cheap Trick | Southern Girls by Jonathan Gray
I first noticed this song when I was at work one day. I knew it was Cheap Trick and I loved it, but I was so confused as to why I hadn't gotten into it before. I love songs that make you wanna flirt, strut and feel like you're sweatin' in the south, visualize Naughty By Nature's Feel Me Flow video intro.

6. A-Frames | Batman by Jonathan Gray
Don't know whether to shake my head or jitterbug. I love it when a song drives you crazy, and just before you have to disconnect, it whispers that sweet nothing...You're hooked.

7. The Ramones | Baby I Love You by Jonathan Gray
UUUUUUUUGH! It makes my insides dance. Phil did an amazing thing helping The Ramones redo this song. That reverberated percussion that starts off the song will never be matched. Every time I hear Joey sing that song, I fall in love with him even more.

8. Bad Brains | Banned In D.C. by Jacob Cooper
I've been playing this a lot lately when I DJ. It's usually a deal-breaker for most people that want to hear Crystal Castles or your other boring stuff. I will forever play this song in a set. Until I die.

9. The xx | Islands by Jacob Cooper
So what if I'm a pussy? This record is really catchy.

10. The Smashing Pumpkins | X.Y.U. by Jacob Cooper
I got ready to this song this morning. Now I want to break up with 3943204209 girls.