WARMER MIXTAPES #173 | by Mercedes Oller of Las Robertas

1. St. Christopher | All Of Tremble
I always loved this song, but about 4 months ago, I watched on YouTube a live show he had not so long ago (perhaps 4 years ago?), don’t remember, somewhere in Sweden, and all of the audience knew the words of it by...Singing it with their heart out...It made me feel chills all over my body. The lyrics are awesome as well.

2. 14 Iced Bears | Inside
I consider myself a huge Sarah R. fan, this song made feel more strong to that feeling and also started to crave a new fuzz pedal so bad…I just got it 2 days ago, and tried it today…

3. Detectives Salvajes | Los Suicidas
This is one of my friend’s band and definitely my favorite Costa Rican local band as well...I always secretely sing to it female choral parts. I’m triying to convince them to let me play it with them. Check their MySpace out.

4. Veronica Falls | Found Love In A Graveyard
Awesome awesome song, I can’t get it out of my head, and the story behind it…Falling in love with a ghost, living in a funeral home, being broken hearted, of someone’s who’s departed...It just wows me.

5. Makeout Videotape | Heatwave
Definitely accurate for someone who lives in an endless heatwave tropical summer…And a heatwave that brings good luck in everything.

6. Dávila 666 | Balada De La Envuelta
This cool Puerto Ricans, not Costa Ricans please, people all around the world gets a little confused with this, but I wouldn’t mind being confused as Puerto Rican, specially after falling in love with the band after listening this song.

7. Razorcuts | Big Pink Cake
We call this feeling in Costa Rica despecho and I actually don’t know how to translate it, but well… This is what this song is all about.

8. Beach Fossils | Twelve Roses
Nothing is more perfect than the beginning of this song, and the tambourine, the beat, dreamy voices, well everything. This has been the most played song on my iTunes for the past 3 weeks. Just listen to that tambourine please.

9. Black Tambourine | For Exlovers Only
Pam Berry is a huge and important icon for myself, and I guess for a lot of people as well…Oh and the drums…Those drums when the song starts. I was very happy when the band released this video this year…

10. The Parallelograms | 1,2,3, Go!
I think I don’t have a lot to say about this song. Going back to the '86 and living in that era with all of those bands that I love. I wish it was 1986 with Talulah Gosh and the Pooh Sticks you name the band, and it appears on the song...So catchy, so fun and again...Listen to the tambourine (I think I realized I’m obsessed with tambourines after writing this).