WARMER MIXTAPES #172 | by Mark McGuire [DJ Road Chief/Cat Nap] of Sun Watcher, Skyramps, Amazing Births, Free Time, & Nate Scheible, Inner Tube and Emeralds

1. Prefab Sprout | Rebel Land/Lions In My Own Garden
It was really hard to not make this entire list all Prefab songs, since the spring has begun I've pretty much been listening to them nonstop. So I am even cheating a little and putting two songs on this spot. My friend Etienne got me into Prefab Sprout a couple years ago, and since then they've become one of my favorite bands. All their songs are so strange and beautiful, Paddy is truly a pop genius. It's suprising that they weren't the biggest band to come out of the 80's, and I bet they can't believe it either! These songs are from an '85 peel session, neither of them are on any of their full length albums. It's too bad, I think they're some of his best songs from the early years. There is a chance Prefab will be popping up again on this list...

2. Sade | Your Love Is King
I've been checking out the 2nd and 3rd Sade records lately, and they're amazing. But I keep finding myself going back to this track. The harmonies are so simple and it's just such a sweet song I really just can't stop spinning this one.

3. Alexander O'Neal | The Lovers
O'Neal is one of my most listened to artists of the past year. He's got so many amazing tracks, I've just been really really into this one lately. Totally dreamy R&B, no messing around. He just goes for it! He has a truly incredible voice and always chooses the greatest way to sing every line. Can't get enough of all his jams.

4. Thin Lizzy | That Woman's Gonna Break Your Heart
Thin Lizzy is usually a heavy summer jam for me, songs like Dancing In The Moonlight don't really sound right in the cold weather. Sam busted out Fighting on our little weekend tour last month and it was totally on! Summer started early and I've been jamming so much Lizzy since. They are seriously one of the best rock bands ever.

5. Boys Brigade | Into The Flow
Amazing Canadian new-wave group, this track from their self-titled record also appears on the Heavenly Bodies soundtrack, which is one of my favorite movies I've seen in a while. Great workout movie and music!

6. Five Star | All Fall Down
I can't even explain how good this song makes me feel! Seriously this one is always able to get me going. Grabbed this LP for a dollar and then found the video album for like two bucks! It kind of reminds me of something I'd hear at a family party when I was really young, or like seeing kids playing Hopscotch in a driveway and there's like a firetruck going by. And definitely amusement parks, which they rock hard in their videos!

7. Prefab Sprout | I Remember That
...Yepp. Had to include this one, been listening to it over and over and over and over. One of their simpler tracks, stunning production and truly haunting lyrics. Wendy is so sweet in the video too, with her hand on Paddy's shoulder. Gets me choked up every time. So good!

8. Midnight Star | Midas Touch
Haha...If anyone I know sees this they'll be like, Yeah, no shit! You play that at EVERY party!!...But whatever! Simply put, this song NEVER FAILS.

9. Chris Clark | Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)
Amazing old school Motown jam. I can't believe the drums on some of these tracks. So insane especially at that time! Like just as driving as Neu! or something. All you have to do is ask, I'll give until there's nothing left...

10. Luther Vandross | My Sensitivity
Steve got me into Luther a while back, he is seriously The King of R&B. Has it down to a science. His up-tempo tracks always rule, always get the party goin'. And his slow jams...God dammit, pepper! So amazing. This song pretty much spells out a lot of the problems I always seem to run into with girls.

At times I don't believe that I can control my heart.
It skips a beat even before the Lovin' starts.

I seem to fall in love
With just the slighest touch
And even the little things
Begin to mean so much
And though I should hold out longer
Just to make sure things get stronger.

You tell me that you love me
And before I'm sure you really do
You say you love me more and more each day
And that's when my sensitivity gets in the way.

It's hard for me to play those fancy games of love.
Just say the right thing baby and it's automatic love.

I try not to let you know

How easily I go
Off into lovers' land
Just when you touch my hand
And though I should wait to see
How things are gonna really be.

You tell me that you love me.
And before I'm sure you really do
You say you love me more and more each day.
And that's when my sensitivity gets in the way
And I can't help but love you.

That is so real!

Other songs that have been steady bumpin lately:

+11. Gladys Knight & The Pips | When You're Far Away
+12. Jonathan Butler | Overflowing
+13. Champaign | Can You Find The Time?
+14. Babyface | Give U My Heart
+15. Windjammer | Tossing And Turning
+16. Blue Magic | Secret Lover
+17. Hot Goede Doel | Belgie (thanks Jessie!)
+18. Vanity | 7th Heaven