WARMER MIXTAPES #181 | by [Brothertiger/Seafoam]

1. Mogwai | Acid Food
This song brings back some great memories. Mogwai was my gateway band, introducing me to so many other genres. I saw them in concert in Detroit with some friends in high school. I still consider that the best concert I've ever attended. Each song was so different, especially this one. I was in awe at how beautifully it flowed together. Makes me proud to have Scottish ancestry in my blood.

2. The Sea & Cake | Four Corners
The looping phrase that makes up this song is so simple, yet superb. Whenever I hear this song, I remember how long summer used to be and how there was always something to do. I became heavily influenced in the way I record vocals because of this song. The haziness is so astounding. Just makes me want to go to the beach.

3. Tears For Fears | Head Over Heels
If I had to choose one 80s group that influenced me (though there are hell a' plenty), It'd have to be Tears For Fears. The minute I first heard the intro to this song I knew I'd love it. I've always play this song when I was on my way to something important, such as a job interview. And yes, I still do walk to the beat of this song. It just pumps me up.

4. Caribou | Crayon
I really love this song. Dan Snaith is an utter genius. I heard somewhere that he recorded like 500 tracks for the album Andorra, picking and choosing the right mix for the final draft. I'd love to meet him and chat about recording and songwriting technique. His live performance blew me away. The band barely ever stopped playing.

5. Brian Eno | This
Eno has always been a heavy influence on me. I got alot of inspiration for many of my songs from this jam. His selection of synths is astounding. And I think he's a very underrated singer. He's got chops, and he's definitely not hiding underneath FX too much. I was introduced to this song in high school, and it's been a favorite in my library ever since.

6. Caravan | Nine Feet Underground
I'm pretty sure I've listened to this song in its entirety roughly 4 to 5 times, since it's 22 minutes long. But I get through a good amount of it most of the time I listen to it. I was very heavy into the Canterbury music scene a few years ago, listening to Caravan, Gong, and Tangent. These guys were great musicians. I mean great. That's why I love listening to this song. I'd listen to it while driving home on the weekend nights. It's very chill and serene. And that fuzzy guitar fits so perfectly in the mix.

7. Yes | And You And I
I was literally obsessed with Yes a few years ago. I've since cooled down on listening to them, but I still always enjoy listening to this song. Rick Wakeman is a huge inspiration for me in regards to synth improv and sound. My friends and I would study this song religiously. I'm pretty sure I have about 17 different versions of this song played live. I have too much Yes on my computer, and I only listen to about 8% of it.

8. Toro Y Moi | You Hid
This is such a groovy track. I can't get enough of it. Chaz Bundick is such a talented guy. I envy his skill in songwriting. I recently saw a video by Yours Truly where he re-recorded the entire track in less than two hours. It sounded so crisp. Would definitely love to see him live.

9. Nick Drake | Road
I didn't really have an interest in Drake's music until I watched a documentary on him a few years back. I've never heard such amazing melodies from a guitar. They're so interesting. I remember driving beside a big lake by my hometown and turning this song on. It just fit the moment. One of the best songs for driving at night.

10. Delorean | Seasun
I stumbled upon Delorean by accident about a year ago, and I've been hooked ever since. Seasun is so epic and huge. If I ever get a speedboat, I'm going to blast this song while doing 60 on the water with skiers in tow. It's so monumental, like it's the soundtrack to the beginning of a new decade. I love it. I love blasting this in my car in the summer with the windows down. It's such a carefree song.