WARMER MIXTAPES #182 | by Mike Hill, Ryan W. Ulsh and Robert E. Ulsh Jr. of The Super Vacations

| by Robert E. Ulsh Jr.

1. The Damned | Neat Neat Neat
This song captures a really cool punk energy. Fast, loud, cool guitar lead's. I didn't start listening to The Damned until l was in my later 20's. I don't know how I missed them the first time around.

2. Sam Cooke | You Send Me
I'm a huge Sam Cooke fan. I've got a few live records that he did and there is a version of You Send Me that is really good at the Copacabana. I listen to his music a lot with my wife. It reminds me of the really hot and humid summer nights in Virginia. The kind of summer where you can't escape the thick muggy heavy air...Kind of like the lyrics hot time, summer in the city, back of my neck, feeling dirty and gritty.

3. Ros Sereysothea | The Night We Met
This song is on a compiltaion called Cambodian Rocks. It features a lot of music from the Khmer Rouge-era of Cambodia. It is a really sad story...A majority of the artists on the compilation were killed. I get such a great feeling listening to this song, as well as all of the others on it. Amazing vocals and interesting production. Very low-end frequencies. The perfect music for having friends come over for a good time.

4. R. Steevie Moore | You Can't Write A Song
When I first saw the video for this song I couldn't help but laugh with excitment. The whole video is just R. Steevie Moore with his guitar playing for the camera. I have a lot of respect for this man. He is a very prolific song writer.

5. Sonic Youth | Reena
This song is on their album, Rather Ripped. There are some gems on this album. This song sets such an awesome pace for the record. It just comes in, right off the bat, with a nice guitar riff and Kim Gordan singing You keep me coming home again. I love the feel of this song. It's a rocker, but also very sensual to me. The needle on our record player is really dull...So it makes this LP sound extra dirty and full of fuzz.

6. Gary War | Good Clues
This song came on his debut LP on Shdwply. It might not be his best work, but it reminds me of the summer time. We did a US tour with him and it was pretty interesting. At that time, he didn't have a full-band. Just himself, with a tape machine and some effects pedals. I played drums for a few shows as well. We purchased a van 3 days before the tour began. It seemed like we had to stop in every city we played and take it to a repair shop. It finally died in Austin, TX. We had to cancel the rest of the tour and take a greyhound bus home. A lot of our gear was lost...A pretty humbling experience. We can all look back and laugh now.

7. T. Rex | Metal Guru
This reminds me of a pretty fun time in my life. I was waiting tables at a seafood restraunt and sleeping on our bass player's couch almost every night. We listened to a lot of T. Rex at the time. The Slider and Electric Warrior LP's were worn thin.

8. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti | Envelopes Another Day
My wife and I took a trip out to the Joshua Tree Desert (California) in the Spring of 2009. We stayed at the motel where Gram Parsons died. It was such a special place. One of our friends made us an Ariel Pink mix cd and we spent many hours driving through the desert and listening to it. Whenever I hear this song I am taken back in time and feel like I am in the desert again.

9. Fleetwood Mac | You Make Loving Fun
We listen to a lot of Fleetwood Mac in our apartment. Our guitar player, Bladen, really helped me to realize the importance of this band. We've done a cover song of theirs once or twice. People really got into it. It reminds me of relaxing on a Friday night...Drinking whiskly, drawing, and playing video games.

10. Black Flag | Revenge
When Mike, Ryan, and I we're living together we spent many hours sitting around the record player. Black Flag was always a favorite. The pure energy of this band stood out to me. I just love the way that Greg Ginn plays his guitar and gets such a raw tone on this song. I don't think I really identify with the words...And I'm not sure if that even matters...But I definitely identify with the energy and power that this song creates.

SIDE B | by Mike Hill

1. Neil Young | Heart Of Gold
I got into this record really hard the first summer Roberto and I actually started hanging out. Neil Young is one of my favorite song writers of all time and Heart Of Gold is just an amazing song.

2. The Zombies | Care Of Cell 44
This is the best song to wake up to, hands down. Put this song on in the morning and you'll have a fantastic day.

3. The 13th Floor Elevators | Levitation
Another pretty influential band for me...This song will take you to new and exciting places.

4. Creedence Clearwater Revival | Traveling Band
Fuck yeah...This song is sweet. These guys win, hands down...Fooling everyone into thinking they're from the bayou, and really they're hanging out at the local margaritaville on the coast of Southern California. Bladen likes CCR a lot, in turn our entire band likes CCR a lot.

5. The Music Machine | Masculine Intuition
This track totally blew me away the first time I heard it. It was definitely one of the first bands that got me to explore a lot more of the 60s/70s garage recordings.

7. The Stooges | Loose
The swagger in this song is unbelievable. Fun House is such a great record and this song is just in your face. I like that. Rob, Ryan and I used to live in a house together and The Stooges were played pretty constantly. There were some great times that were had spilling beer to this song/record.

8. Neil Young | Cortez The Killer
Neil Young once again. Zuma is one of my favorite records of all time. The riffs in this song are so good. I love me some Neil Young.

9. Grand Funk Railroad | Sins A Good Man's Brother
This was the first record I ever got on vinyl and this song changed my life. It's so heavy and soulful and when that slide comes in at the beginning? So good. Ross and I really get down with grand funk. We're comin to your town, we'll help you party down.

10. Fleetwood Mac | The Chain
The Super Vacations love Fleetwood Mac...It's a strange, yet amazing addiction. Bladen once again showed us the light with this band.

+11. The Brian Jonestown Massacre | That Girl Suicide
Matt Beck from Shdwply brought over this band's stuff for me to hear a while back and I completely flipped. This dude is nuts and I appreciate that.

SIDE C | by Ryan W. Ulsh

1. The Replacements | We're Coming Out
This song is aggressive, fast, and has a ton of attitude. I bought this record from a guy selling all of his old high school records and I absolutely had to have it (Let It Be). The Replacements are a great punk-bar band, nothing more, nothing less. Not to mention I love Minneapolis...

2. PC Worship | Wake Up In The Dark And There's Nothing Going On
When I was living in New York, J. Frye (PC Worship) and I were hanging tough and he said I wrote this song in the middle of the night, check it out...J. Frye loves to stay up late, and make great music...

3. Kate Bush | Hounds Of Love
What can I say?...Kate Bush writes some epic, great love songs. I picked up The Whole Story, Kate Bush compilation at a thrift store in Harrisonburg, VA. It was only twenty-five cents, seriously!

4. The Seeds | Can't Seem To Make You Mine
Sky Saxon just died recently so I figured I would add a Seeds song to this list. The Seeds are everything I love about The Stooges. Aggressive, lots of attitude, and some bar-chords. Really can't beat a good love song though...

5. Tom Tom Club | Genius Of Love
Matt Beck (Shdwply Records) and I had just got back from buying a lot of records. After we were through he told me to pick out any record I wanted from the lot and I picked the Tom Tom Club. Groovy, fun tune and members of the Talking Heads. Can't go wrong!

6. Dinosaur Jr. | Freak Scene
Tagging along with my brother (Rob) as a young lad, I really got into the same music as him and his friends. They were always showing me new stuff like Dinosaur Jr. and The Lemonheads. Basically lots of early 90's alternative and skateboarding in those days. Yeah, it was a freak scene...

7. Home Blitz | Stupid Street
What a cool song! Don't really know much about this band except my friend Brock really loves them and has since turned me on. GO HOME BLITZ!

8. Guided By Voices | Your Name Is Wild
Under The Bushes, Under The Stars is definitely not my favorite GBV record but the second side to the first record is off the hook! Your Name Is Wild has this polished, clean sound yet still full of the emotion of their 4-track recordings of years past. Top 5 favorites bands of all time.

9. Fleetwood Mac | Rhiannon
I can't talk about this band without talking about how much collectively we all love Fleetwood Mac. This is one of the few bands we all really dig. Stevie Nicks really belts this one out on an equally rocking level as any of the rocking Lindsey Buckingham songs.

10. The Clean | Thumbs Off
So I first listened to The Clean a couple years ago and thought they had a great sound. They are one of those bands who used their average musical abilities to their advantage. Really fun, youthful sounding tunes and this song just makes me want to get loose.

+11. Love | My Litte Red Book
We used to cover a Love song, but then our van broke down in Austin, TX and it was never spoken of again. I recently heard our friend's band cover this song live and I forgot how much I love Love (and Arthur Lee).