WARMER MIXTAPES #187 | by Bobby D. and Billie of Tablets and Low Sea

SIDE A | by Billie

1. Pulp | Countdown
2. Richard Hawley | Tonight The Streets Are Ours
3. Visage | Fade To Grey
4. Blur | Out Of Time
5. Chet Baker | Almost Blue
6. The Cure | Fire In Cairo
7. Joy Division | Disorder
8. The La's | Timeless Melody
9. The Black Keys | I'm Glad (Captain Beefheart Cover)
10. Goran Bregović | Ederlezi

SIDE B | by Bobby D.

1. East River Pipe | Firing Room
This guy's songs have haunted me since John Peel played most of the Mel album week in week out. I could have virtually chosen any ERP song, but this one just kills me....

2. Kahimi Karie | One Thousand 20th Century Chairs
Just the perfect 2 1/2 minutes headrush of a song.

3. Spinanes | Greetings From The Sugar Lick
By this album it's like they'd cut everything down to just the essential bare bones, and when that fuzz guitar interrupts the song it's like syrupy falling backwards slow motion bliss.

4. Andrew Gold | Never Let Her Slip Away
There are so many songs that follow you from when you were a child, and this one sounds exactly as it did when I was 7 years old. I never understood why some people just dismiss songs that aren't cool!

5. Red House Painters | Katy Song
This washes over your soul - there's that stillness to it, that effortless melancholy. It's easy...It doesn't even sound the 8 1/2 minutes that it is, you don't even realize.

6. Momus | Summer Holiday 1999
The 21st Century Serge Gainsbourg...He has a rare sense of sensual elegance that electronic music often lacks.

7. Steve Arrington | Feel So Real
Spiritual healing!

8. Arthur Rusell | That's Us/Wild Combination
The first time I heard this was over loud machinery and I could only make out the bassline and synth pads which all sounded like it was recorded in 2030, which even without the machinery it still does! All that with Linda Rondstadt on backing vocals, too weird.

9. Daniel Johnston | Forever Your Love
Comfortingly sad, odd chord changes, like a spooky crow funeral.

10. a-ha | Scoundrel Days
If all people think of when they think of A-Ha is 'Take On Me', they're missing a treat...

+11. Stina Nordenstam | Under Your Command
Such a dark and detached album, without even trying.

+12. Prince | Pop Life
Prince's finest moment.

+13. Robert Pollard | Subspace Biographies
If Robert Pollard had stripped his body of work down to 10% of what he wrote, this song would have been the huge anthem it deserves to be. Another perfect pop song.

+14. Wheat | These Are Things
How was this not huge?! Even more of a perfect pop song than the Robert Pollard one. PERFECTION.

+15. The Soft Machine | A Certain Kind
How was this song written 40+ years ago? Thom Yorke wasn't even one years old!