WARMER MIXTAPES #188 | by Christopher Barnes of Gem Club

1. Slowdive | Avalyn I
I wish they were still making records. I remember hearing the instrumental version for the first time in Araki's film Nowhere when the boy is in the shower, right after I moved to Boston.

2. Cocteau Twins | Garlands
This pretty much sums up everything I love about Cocteau Twins.

3. Coil | The Snow (Answers Come In Dreams I)
This is beautiful and hypnotic music for witches. One of the best things Jack Dangers has ever done.

4. Alec Empire | Sweet
I read somewhere that he used to vogue in Berlin. The old way? The new way? Vogue Femme.

5. Gas | Pop
I love many of the older ambient techno records on Mille Plateaux, but Gas is especially exceptional minimalism. Summer beauty.

6. Low | Will The Night
This was my first introduction to the band off their Songs For A Dead Pilot EP. One of the most beautiful pieces of music ever created.

7. Angelo Badalamenti + Julee Cruise | The World Spins
Twin Peaks was and still is my favorite television show. Nothing will replace it. This music has been pulled straight out of a dream.

8. Teaadora | On Conversations: On An' On An' On An' On
I had the pleasure of sharing a bill with her recently in New York and listening to her sing this song was mezmerizing.

9. White Magic | One Note
I used to really like Qui*o*tic, but it never seemed to make as much sense to me as this does. This is a song I come back to often.

10. William Basinski | The Disintegration Loop
…Even if there are no simple images to see, nonetheless there is a vision of some kind, an infinite and overwhelming scene expanding before you...Landscapes without end…Landscapes that are themselves alive. - Thomas Ligotti