WARMER MIXTAPES #190 | by Vladislav Parshin of Motorama

1. Hercules And Love Affair | Shadows
That's my fave track of the last days, it's Blind single b-side. Sound like oldschool house track, I'm very into 70's, 80's Chicago dance scene/ hope they'll play it this summer in Moscow.

2. Sébastien Tellier | Universe
It was the very first song of mister Tellier I've heard. Also he got very good video for this song. Smoky room, relaxed company, wierd lo-fi scenes, candles, crowd with torches, mountains and Sébastien on a rope. Pure inspiration.

3. Antony And The Johnsons | You Are My Sister
Warm warm warm warm warm warm warm warm warm warm warm feelings.

4. Xiu Xiu | Vulture Piano
Danceable, painful, sad song with beautiful noise in the end. I'm big fan of J.Stewart.

5. The Smiths | Well I Wonder
Slow, calm and simple song. Love when he starts: Gasping - but somehow still alive...This is the fierce last stand of all I am... And it's easy to keep it in mind. Oh, and the rain at the end. Beauty.

6. Jens Lekman | Sipping On The Sweet Nectar
Here starts scandinavian part...It's the greatest summer song for me, I know that it's about spring, but nevertheless. Bright melodies, wise honey voice singing: That's when the feeling hits, so just lick your lips. Here comes goose bumps...

7. ceo | Come With Me
Very nice fresh track from the part of The Tough Alliance. Come with me to the place I call reality and also I love the video. Sleeping with Totoro in sweater in sweat. By the way Marcus Söderlund (director of this video) also made jj's Let Go and xx's VCR videos.

8. The Embassy | State '08
I'm big fan of The Embassy. Epic pop from Sweden. And it's easy to play it on guitar and sing. And their wierd photos on boat...

9. Irene | By Your Side
I like the name of this band, discover them not so long ago. They are little bit naive but listen to their vocals. I wanna thank you, 'cause you're light of my life...

10. Erlend Øye | Sudden Rush
Sound reminds me of Berlin dance scene and it goes perfect with Erlend's soft voice. The video for this song was made by Jarvis Cocker. In 2006, I was nineteen.