WARMER MIXTAPES #191 | by Dan Mangan of Dan Mangan + Blacksmith

1. Bon Iver | Blood Bank
The most beautiful use of the word fuck in a song... Such an amazing sentiment - wondering if the colour of the blood matches the names on the tags...The song starts like a post-grunge 90's rock song and transforms in to the most incredibly driving harmony-drenched sonic blanket.

2. The National | So Far Around The Bend
There's a playfulness in this song that's a little different than most of their material...The crashing snare tone is killing, and though they usually rely on warm electric guitar tones to drive their songs, this one is carried with an acoustic. The whole Dark Was The Night compilation is amazing, but this is a highlight for me.

3. The Daredevil Christopher Wright | We're Not Friends
Perfect pop song. 2:42. It's upbeat but somewhat sorrowful. This band is amazing live. The moment near the end where the drums go to cut time for just a couple of bars is genius. They've captured such an interesting arrangement between the drums, electric guitars, claps and killing harmonies.

4. Aidan Knight | Altar Boys
Aidan's voice is so silky, but it still has this great crackly-delivered edge to it. Like a male Feist. I love the line Same discotheque, same crowd. Great use of the horns here also - just a beautifully written song.

5. Broken Social Scene | Lover's Spit
I keep coming back to this song. It's so goddamn huge. The swell of strings at the beginning to the heavy, brooding, sloppy drumbeat and dominating piano. One of the band's greatest legacies, to be sure. I think it's time that we grow old and do some shit.

6. Plants And Animals | The Mama Papa
I was so huge on their last album - and this is likely my favourite song from their newest La La Land LP. It's just a kicking rock song. Great hooks, great playing, great tones.

7. Timber Timbre | Lay Down In The Tall Grass
Spooky and glowing. I love Taylor's delivery. His voice is really unique, and more like an arranged instrument than a lead vocal. Such great imagery in this song - being dug out of a shallow grave with a swiss army knife. The organ and strings play off of each other so well. Amazing.

8. Zeus | Marching Through Your Head
This band is brilliant with pop songs - they're likely tired of Beatles comparisons, but their hooks sound like the 60's and their tones sound like the 70's. Wicked harmonies - and there's such a winning feel all throughout this song.

9. Jason Collett | Almost Summer
Another older tune I just always come back to when playing iPod DJ. Here's a 40-something year old guy singing a song about being a 17 year old girl at a highschool dance. Amazingly written lyrics, and great arrangement...I love when the upright bass kicks in - you figure it wasn't going to. This song gets stuck in my head endlessly.

10. Jenn Grant | Where Are You Now
Jenn's voice rules. This song is my favourite of hers. When she hits that highest note for I'll be alright, stay up too late it's shiver time. I always wish she'd sing that part again, but perhaps it's holding back from reusing that moment that makes it so special.

+11. Grizzly Bear | Deep Blue Sea (Odetta Cover)
The first time I heard this song I played it about 6 times in a row. It's a cover of an Odetta song. The vocals, the weird reverby whipping sound for a snare, the acoustic guitar tone. Amazing. Also from the Dark Was The Night compilation. This band's ability to arrange a song is nearly unparalleled. Vibe incarnate.

+12. M.I.A. | Paper Planes
Cheeky. Huge. Playful. Dancy. Killer single. I got more records than the KGB...