WARMER MIXTAPES #192 | by Michael Bond of Coltrane Motion

1. Yo La Tengo | Stockholm Syndrome
I've been listening to a lot of Yo La Tengo here lately, but this song's still my favorite. I'm currently tryin to figure out how to work it into my wedding.

2. The Shangri-Las | Give Him A Great Big Kiss
I've listened to so much girl group stuff over the last few years, but The Shangri-Las are still the best (and weirdest). The first talk-breakdown in this song brings me indescribable joy.

3. Hefner | Lee Remick
My favorite sad song - learned to play this on the piano the other night, I always misheard that one line as drank so much his heart stank, but still like my version better. An ex once told me she couldn't listen to it because it reminded her too much of her family, then threw the cd at me during our first breakup. The second half skips, but this track still sounds perfect.

4. The Idle Race | Big Chief Woolly Bosher
I think I've listened to this more than anything in the last month. Not sure exactly why pre-ELO Jeff Lynne's politically-and-factually incorrect take on native American history speaks to me this summer, but there it is.

5. Dr. Dre | Fuck You
This record always sounds like it's blaring out of someone's car. Reminds me of summer, and the moment I realized that most 'gangsta rap' was supposed to be funny. I've been listening to this album a lot here lately, every time someone reminds me that 'Detox' is supposedly on its way.

6. Belle & Sebastian | Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying
I don't thing I've ever liked a band as much as I liked Belle & Sebastian ten years ago. I've been reading the 33 1/3 book on If You're Feeling Sinister in short bursts, and this song keeps getting stuck in my head.

7. Leonard Cohen | Tonight Will Be Fine
Leonard Cohen will always be intertwined with the last two winters for me, where I listened to his first three records, Pants Yell, and little else.

8. The Magnetic Fields | When My Boy Walks Down The Street
The first dozen times I heard this were on a mixtape that cut it off before the bridge. Finally hearing the ending a year later was a near-religious experience.

9. The Outcasts | Loving You, Sometimes
Finding music on the internet doesn't tend to lead to the youthful waiting-outside-the-record-shop memories of other first listens, but I can still clearly remember tracking this amazing garage-soul gem down on garage hangover, and constantly playing it on repeat for the rest of the day.

10. Tap Tap | Half Moon Street
Whenever I get frustrated about making music and getting people to listen to it, I just remember that Tap Tap has made two records in the past few years that are not only better than anything I'll ever do, but also better than nearly anything else released during that time, yet still isn't well-known. Oh, and that they're for his side project, cast-offs from his real band. So I should probably just shut up and write better songs.