WARMER MIXTAPES #199 | by Orlando Tobias Edward Higginbottom [Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs]

1. East Flatbush Project | Tried By 12
Minimal hiphop badness! In my head this track is linked to all the Ninja Tune, Vadim, Coldcut, Ming+FS shit I was madly into.

2. DJ Hype | We Must Unite
This record summed up the music I loved when I was a teenager, and (rightfully so) if you play it in a club now the place goes crazy. People really dance when they hear that bass. Huge record, Hype's best track.

3. Loose Joints | Is It All Over My Face (Larry Levan Remix)
Everyone seemed to be playing this record last summer. Takes me back. Gets better the more drunk you are...

4. Erykah Badu | Fall In Love (Your Funeral)
Flips up a favourite soul song by Eddie Kendricks (Intimate Friends) into a super dope beat, her first album was a big part of my teenage life, and this new one reminds me of that time.

5. Alexander O'Neil | Saturday Love
Found this on 10" in Oxfam the other day, extended mix and accapella. Such a wicked vocal line. Used to play a rubbish bootleg of this when I djed funk at my local club.

6. SOS Band | Tell Me If You Still Care
I am a dangerously obsessed by the production on this song. Compare it to the RnB ballads of today and it puts them to shame. Got a bit of a dodgy middle 8, but never mind. I came across it digging on YouTube, I wish I'd found it in a record shop...

7. Level 42 | Turn It On
I bought this record because I liked the cover so much, I had no idea about Level 42. I checked out their other records after I heard this... They didn't really get much better. I love this tune because you can hear how young and hopeful these guys are, their energy makes it a much better record than it actually is.

8. Talking Heads | This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)
This has been my favourite song for a few years now. My friend showed me the Stop Making Sense DVD and I was immediately hooked. I have enjoyed introducing it to so many friends, everybody loves it! For a lot of people this is an obvious track...But I wasn't alive when this came out.

9. Brian Eno | Thursday Afternoon
First heard on a train journey from Oxford to Glasgow, my mate fell asleep so I stole his iPod and listened to all 1:00:51 whilst we went through the lake district. It was a great way to hear the track.

10. Tribe Of Issachar | Junglist (Original Dubplate) (feat. Peter Bouncer)
Bought this on vinyl when I was 14 and used to take it to school with me so we play it on the decks at a mates house. Everyone had decks and mixed jungle, but I was the only person with this tune.