WARMER MIXTAPES #200 | by Andreas Christakis (Citylights) of IKONS and Boat Club

1. Slowdive | I Believe
The only hymn I believe in.

2. Judee Sill | Crayon Angels
I always keep telling people how much importance my older sister have had on my musical experiences. This is her latest add.

3. Pink Floyd | Breathe In The Air
My fascination had no limits for Pink Floyd when I was a kid. I mean if you record tunes like this, I thought, you must actually have been to the dark side of the moon. Or was there another way?

4. Neil Young | Heart Of Gold
Neil Young have, as far as I remember, always had a golden place in my heart.

5. Flying Burrito Brothers | White Line Fever
A good friend of mine introduced me to these honky-tonk hunks some time ago. I listen to them every evening when I’m cooking with the sundown in the setting.

6. Popol Vuh | Aguirre
The mist embraces the Andes. Down, down, down we go. And this is how it sounds.

7. Demis Roussos | Forever And Ever
Demis in the mornings and the rest of your day will be like a walk on little fluffy clouds.

8. Dennis Wilson | Only With You
I can hardly listen to this song. It’s so strong and so sad and Dennis’ voice so full of sorrow. Then again life is not always fluffy clouds.

9. Johan Pachelbel | Pachelbel Canon
Hören Sie denn nicht das entsetzliche Schreien ringsum, das man gewöhnlich die Stille heisst.

10. Spectrum | True Love Will Find You In The End
It’s true!