WARMER MIXTAPES #204 | by Davey Jones of Lost Boy?

Photo by Cran Burry

1. Bardo Pond | Tommy Gun Angel
This song is the perfect landscape of sound. I recently discovered this band through a my good friend Mike Barker. We landscaped together last summer (2009). When ever we'd finish working for the day, we'd drink some beers, smoke some weed and zone out. Tommy Gun Angel really puts me in a place of disconnect and gives a sense of freedom from the world, in which I am very thankful for their music.

2. Kurt Vile | I've Got Religion
When I first heard the track I felt instantly connected to it. As a child of the 90s I couldn't listen to music, because my parents were very religious. I would copy cassettes and make mix tapes, or off the radio and hide them in my pillow case with my walkmen. I always felt secluded or different when I was growing up, and music just helped make things better. Without music I would have been lost. So this song reminds me of those good musical moments with myeslf.

3. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti | Good Kids Make Bad Grown Ups
If there's a god damn musical genius of the time it's Ariel Pink. I picked up The Doldrums LP in the summer of '06 cause of the trippy graveyard cover. I had no idea what to expect. I smoked a joint around ten at night, the needle dropped, and I layed down in my bed stoned out of my mind. I instantly started laughing out loud. After that I had to get ever thing this guy put out. Good Kids Make Bad Grown Ups sums me up pretty well, haha.

4. Twin Sister | Dry Hump
Before Twin Sister was called Twin Sister they were called Vampires. I don't know if they know, but before I knew them, I was crushing on their tunes big time. The lyrics and music of Dry Hump paint a perfect visual love song. If you haven't heard these guys you're missing out. It's beautiful music.

5. Beachwood Sparks | Sing Your Thoughts
This song is one of my favorite songs to play in the headphones chilling out bike riding during a summer sunset. I picked this album up on a whim back in 2002 cause it's on Sub Pop. I fucking love Sub Pop.

6. Flight | Johnny's Mixed Up
Every time I here the drums kick in to the beginning of this song it gets me pumped. If your late to work, or your going out to a party, this will get you amped and give you the greatest ego trip of your life. Watch your speed when you're driving to it. Thanks Pitchfork for posting this 7".

7. Ivana XL | Couch Surfing
I've been listening to Ivana's tunes probably since 2003 or '04. I heard Couch Surfing on her MySpace when she put it up a couple months back. Her music is highly therapeutic for those rough days or chilled nights.

8. Adult Themes | Young Bodies
There's alot of buzz about these guys. Theres a version of this track on YouTube live at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn. It will blow your mind. The pop twist that these guys put on the harsh noise is incredible. Nothing like rocking hard with a beer in your hand and some violence in your head.

9. The Naked Hearts | Alpha Beta
I got to play with Amy and Noah a couple years back at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn. I heard about this duo alot from my friends in other bands. We exchanged cds and phone numbers and became good friends. When they finished there first full length Mass Hysteria they sent me a secret link :) ...I was so excited to hear the new record. Every song is so warm and flawless. When Alpha Beta came on I started playing the air drums. Huh-huh, It was cool.

10. Blank Dogs | Slowing Down
This song came on my shuffle once when I was drunkenly skateboarding home late one muggy night. Must say it really complimented the atmosphere. It's so chilled out you melt into the song and start doing quirky dancing.