WARMER MIXTAPES #205 | by Cosimo Piovasco Di Rondo II [Cosimo]

I don't like to dwell on things like this too much, they're not just songs of course but if I had let myself, this thing would have taken up far too much time and I still wouldn't have been satisfied in the end. Better to just pick the things that pop up and not looking back. Hope you like it.

1. Guillaume De Machaut | Rose, Liz, Printemps, Verdure
This is my absolute favorite composer. I would have loved to hear this through the church windows in my village during his lifetime. It becomes easier to understand the wide spread of faith in God, by the human kind of that period in history, when listening to sacral music of that era. It’s simply so hard to believe something else than a higher power actually thought out something as beautiful as this.

2. Lil B | I’m God
Lil B is a pure genious. At first you may be offended, you may laugh or you may think he’s just another guy trying to get that paper. But then you become so based it doesn’t matter, maybe he is God.

3. Ensemble Tbilisi | Naduri
I love voices that come together and morph into new voices. These Georgian fuckers know how to achieve that. I hear they’re a very proud people, I think it was something about God’s own paradise or something like that. I should wish to go there sometime, perhaps for some freestyle chanting.

4. Geinoh Yamashirogumi | Tetsuo
A kind of weird constellation of people making music that sounds both hyper modern and very ancient. There seems to be no direct plan for these songs, they just flow and evolves and lets you really go along with the music. You feel like there’s no limit. I think that there shouldn’t necessary be a structure to your songs, just different patches of energy put together, like this.

5. Hiroki Okano | Hototogisu
Whenever I get as far as Venice I listen to this song. I try to search for the calm places whenever I come to such a chaotic city, screaming American children and singing gondoliers everywhere. It’s hard but it becomes easier when listening to this because your mind is at peace already.

6. The-Dream | Yamaha/Nikki Pt.2/Abyss Trilogy
More fame, more money, more hooks, more bliss. Absolute perfection. The weird thing is it’s so big, so commercial and so hyped up but still manages to feel so honest. He’s a beast. I feel like his name explains it all.

7. Donovan | Ballad Of Geraldine
Before I moved out of my family house at age 12, my father and my sister would sing this at late nights in the living room. An acoustic guitar and two voices in harmony, plus these enormous lyrics. I don’t think I got it then, what I felt. I still don’t, it just is and I’m glad for it.

8. Ernst Reijseger | Libera Me, Domine
Reminiscent of the Georgian chants but maybe more experimental. I have no memories attached to this song other than the pictures from the movie it was written for, but I feel like it’s eternal. So I can’t let it become part of something not eternal, like memories.

9. Tujiko Noriko | Shore Angel
This is mostly for the intro of the song, it’s just shimmering. There’s one sound that comes out maybe twice, like an electronic sound but still like a pitched down seagull or something. I live near a harbor so this is my home and you can’t tell there’s water in this song but I think it’s overflowing with it.

10. Complete works of David Wise
I better dig in my pockets and pay homage...