WARMER MIXTAPES #207 | by Andreas Brixen of Bodebrixen

1. ceo | Come With Me
This is to me perfect summer music. I’ve been riding my bike a lot of times with this song playing in my iPod and every time I hear this song I’ve been uplifted. Sweet sound of Scandinavia.

2. Jens Lekman | Kanske Är Jag Kär I Dig
I'm a big fan of Jens Lekman and this tune is just one of many crazy good songs. I love the way he samples old stuff and beats. The end of the song is amazing.

3. Babatunde Olatunji | Akiwowo (Chant To The Trainman)
One of the best drummer ever. The song is from 1959 but still holds 100%. Beautiful and extremely danceable. And very inspiring!

4. Metronomy | My Heart Rate Rapid
Cool cool sounds! I wish I had written this song…

5. Neil Young | See The Sky About To Rain
One of my biggest heroes. And one of my favourite Neil Young songs. What is there more to say?

6. Don Cherry/Ed Blackwell | The Mysticism Of My Sound / Medley: Dollar Brand / Spontaneous Composing / Exert, Man On The Moon
Freedom is the word I would say. Duo improvisations at their best. Playful avant-garde jazz from 1969.

7. Avi Buffalo | What’s In It For?
So charming!

8. I Got You On Tape | Spinning For The Cause
The best band playing in Denmark, and Jacob Bellens is one of the best singers in the country. Simple and nice!

9. The Flaming Lips | One More Robot/Sympathy 3000-21
The Flaming Lips are one of my favourite bands. I have listened to this song so so many times. At the end of the track it is hard not to cry. I am filled with a longing for something. I bicycle a lot - and this song (and album) is perfect for summer evenings on the bike.

10. YACHT | I’m In Love With A Ripper
Cool party music! I just can’t get enough. I love this song.