WARMER MIXTAPES #206 | by Jessika Rapo of Le Futur Pompiste and Burning Hearts

1. El Perro Del Mar | Change Of Heart
A love-at-first-sight-song that is perfect in so many ways. I could listen to it a million times and it would still touch me the same way it did when I first heard it on the highway between Helsinki and Turku.

2. The Magnetic Fields | Strange Powers
This song is a combination of everything that is great about MF: The catchy melodies, the sound, the deep and dark voice of Mr. Merritt and small surprises!

3. The Go-Betweens | Love Goes On!
This is the favorite band of the love of my life. I'm glad he introduced it to me for otherwise I might have never heard this song!

4. Broadcast | America's Boy
Trish Keenan probably has one of the most beautiful voices I know. I adore its softness and the way it melts in with the noisy sounds and catchy melodies.

5. Julee Cruise | The Nightingale
The prettiest reverb in the world and a song that takes me back to my early teens when I watched the much too scary but enchanting Twin Peaks.

6. Serge Gainsbourg | Histoire De Melody Nelson
Beautiful string arrangements and a wonderful pause followed by a genious bassline. The Jane Birkin whispers are lovely, as well. Can't understand any of the French though...

7. The Radio Dept. | Strange Things Will Happen
A typical song that I'm bound to love: Some melancholy, a beautiful voice, a simple arrangement and repetitive chords.

8. Fleetwood Mac | Dreams
Someone claimed Burning Hearts has a song that is too much inspired by Dreams. I had never paid attention to this song before that, but I'm loving it now!

9. Stereolab | Sudden Stars
I lived in Spain and my life was somewhat chaotic. I remember being on a bus on my way home from the university and listening to my mini disk which I constantly carried with me. I remember the tears when I realized that the song was dedicated to Mary Hansen.

10. Arthur Russell | The Letter
An inspiring master piece from a great song writer I just discovered recently. Have to make a cover!