WARMER MIXTAPES #214 | by Tom Lück of Fort Fairfield

1. Franke | Ställs Mot Dig
No explanation needed, I got two ears and one heart, don’t I?

2. Ossler | Hela Mitt Liv
For me the thing with Ossler is his lyrics, in my opinion the best poet Sweden has to offer. Marcus Birro before he had his baby is better, but nowadays it’s rubbish. But I will still buy his novel To Live And Die As Joe Strummer out in September, cuz I think I read somewhere that he wrote it before he became a dad.

3. Randy Barracuda | Skweee Like A Pig
This is the white man’s funk. Or as Rigas put it...I got guilty feet and no rhythm...

4. Fuck Buttons | Bright Tomorrow
The best live show in 2009. Me and my friend Egon a.k.a Mister Hisingen arrived late. But after the gig it felt like Gothenburg had imploded.

5. Afasi & Filthy | Idioten (feat. Pst-Q)
This is my release, so I don’t explode. I usually listen to this on my way home from work.

6. Baths | You're My Excuse To Travel
I had almost started to doubt Anticon's brilliance, but this album is a 10/10. They are still the most reliable semi indie record label out there.

7. The Fearsome Sparrow | Damp
It’s the perfect song for those autumn days when the rain pours out side your window. And you are holding your cup of black coffee in your right hand, and just stare out on nothing. And 2 minutes and 24 seconds later you grab the nearest Auster book and hit the bed.

8. David Sandström | 1968
Not only the hardest hitting drummer (Refused) in Sweden. But also a magical voice when he sings in Swedish. This song almost put me in a trans. It's pure beauty almost like my budgie (Mogwai) almost perfect.

9. Mogwai | Summer (Priority Version)
Mogwai my all time favorite, I believe this was the first song I heard and fell in love with the Scottish guitar army, but I'm not sure I could have been the version from Ten Rapid. Also this is my only criterion when I make friends: do you own a Mogwai record?

10. The Consulate General | What Time Is It Know
It was this or a Boy In Static track. But I landed on this track cuz if thought it would be a nice way to say hi to my friend Egon. And remind him that I'm coming down for Way Out West in couple of weeks and that he needs to hit extremefood for some kangaroo burgers and crocodile cutlets for our pre Wow BBQ fiesta.