WARMER MIXTAPES #215 | by Anton Svanberg, Viktor Hansson and Anton Ekman of Holy Family

1. Robert Broberg | Tomrum
An immensely beautiful and interesting song about depression and trying to adapt to modern society from an artist who's remaining discography mostly consists of awkward songs about women.

2. Talking Heads | Born Under Punches
We all agree that this is one of the best songs we have ever heard.

3. Klabbes Bank | Vatten
A beautiful song by a swedish jazz sextet where the pianist Klabbe does vocals and sings about being drunk at sea.

4. Tom Waits | All The World Is Green
We remember listening to this song while biking to our jobs in the harbour and imagining just keeping on driving into the ocean.

5. The Clash | Rock The Casbah
We can't really define why but it's criminally groovy.

6. Sigur Rós | Untitled #1
Anton S. was thirteen and living in the woods when he loaned a record, without cover or label, at the village library that no one ever visited. He listened to it for the first time at the bus to school a morning in December or something and realized that everything he'd ever listened to before was crap.

6. Prefab Sprout | Bonny
Save your speeches flowers are for funerals...

7. Talk Talk | It's Getting Late In The Evening
When we listen to this song we feel blank. It's best experienced lying face down on the carpet.

8. Wolf Parade | I'll Believe In Anything
This tune takes us away. It has stayed in our system since I first heard it.

9. Bruce Springsteen
At risk of sounding forced we really can't choose which is our favourite Bruce Springsteen song, but we still feel that he has to be on the list. It's almost all good.

10. Van Morrison | Sweet Thing
When we've had a bad night out and get home we put this sweet thing on. It's like balm.

+11. Lars Gullin | Ma
Lars Gullin combined the melancholy side of swedish folk music with jazz and made some of the most stunning horn arrangements. It's an amazingly beautiful song.

+12. György Ligeti | Atmosphères
Composed in 1961, the enormous but pretty short orchestral piece Atmosphères just takes us somewhere else every time we hear it. It was Ligetis intention to make the listener lost in the depth of the texture and forget about the time passing. We've never heard any piece of music that puts us in that mood like Atmosphères. It has influenced our listening, composing and thinking about music since the first time we heard it and is possibly the best piece in the world.