WARMER MIXTAPES #218 | by Adam O'Reilly of DUZHEKNEW

1. Void | Condensed Flesh
It's nostalgic at this point for me, but I still listen to this all the time. I bike by the kids in the skatepark and hope they know - pass the young punks under the trees in the park and hope they know too. (I am sure they do/dew).

2. BARR | The Song Is The Single
I know this is old too, but I pulled it out again earlier this year and easily listen to this every other day. Brendan is a real/reel special guy. The intersection between his art and songs are really great, this single is more of conceptual art piece then it is just a pop song.

3. Ariel Pink | Menopause Man
Ariel stepped up his game with this new record, it’s fantastic, and this song is a gem/jem. Reminds me of the records my dad put on as a kid, listening but not really understanding what was going on. He used to play Yes and Rush all the time, I love it now but at the time it just seemed magic/confusing.

4. Kurt Vile | Invisibility: Nonexistent
I saw him play late last year without having heard any of his music prior. I knew I was watching something very real/special/honest/fantastic.

5. Arthur Russell | The Platform On The Ocean
AR is one of my favorites, but this song in particular I think is really terrific. I live near the ocean, so i really like the imagery and image-scape he creates.

6. Arif Sag | Osman Pehlivan
What a riff! It reminds me that I really love playing guitar with a wah.

7. Beat Happening | I Spy
I listen to Beat Happening alot, it’s no lie/lay. I met Calvin last year, I bought a record from him and told him I was a fan, which was a huge understatement, the whole thing was very uneventful, but I will never forget it.

8. Blackbeard | I Wah Dub
This is a whole album, but I think of it is a one long thought, the production is so good/gewd. Blackbeard (Dennis Bovell) also produced some Post-Punk bands in England around the same time, including the Slits.

9. Women | Eyesore
I was excited to hear the change in focus on this new record, it was worth the wait/weight.

10. Long Long Long | Tell Me It Isn't Your Blood
Local Halifax Prodigies/Perogies/Friends, they are great guys and real cute too!

+11. Blurt | Dog Save My Sole
1982, Ted Milton, Sax/No Wave/Art Rock, this whole album Red Flame is worth a listen.

+12. Sarah Mangle Buys A Bear | Kori
I’ve recently taken to covering one of Sarah’s songs at almost every show, she’s a huge inspiration, and her brother Aaron plays in DUZ.