WARMER MIXTAPES #217 | by Ellis Sam of Flash Palace

1. Yes | Heart Of The Sunrise
This one rips all our brains. Multiple basement bonding session have occured over this 11 minuite master piece.

Their split tape with Cousins makes me want to buy a house in Halifax.

3. Deerhunter | Strange Lights
I was 16 when this album came out and it totally opened doors to so many different types of music. Them being on Kranky an ambient label, made me feel like I had fallen into a new world. It's weird to think what music will act as the gateway drug into weirder music for people of my generation.

4. Dustin Wong | Infinite Love
Just saw this dude at Whartscape in Baltimore. His sets are like multiple sonic colony never stopping always growing or falling. New tape is da bomb!

5. Azeda Booth | In Red
Why isn't this the biggest band ever? Canada's best secret lives in Calgary and have finished a perfect album In Flesh Tones, listen to it or die. Like reading the Bible...

6. Tonstartbandht | 5FT7
Do whatever you want all the time.

7. Solars | Eyes
Twin reverbs to the max, our drone heroes.

8. Cloaks | Jumpin'
We cherish this Portland duo's CDRs like golddd. We must get more. Best live experience during our adolescent period.

9. Neon Canyon | Koopa Beach
Creates other worlds that I can continually return to. Also check out Mark's other projects Memory Screen, and Japan Sue. Helped me fal asleep for 2 months straight!

10. Bench Dawn Optimist | Proven
Long form indie rock from the freshest faces.