WARMER MIXTAPES #222 | by Joseph Calamusa [LAY BAC]

1. Daft Punk | Voyager
Daft Punk is one of my favorite musical acts ever. Every song on Discovery is filled with my dreams about space exploration, cyborg love and neon nights. Voyager contains the most beautiful bass tone I have had the pleasure of hearing. Plus I'm a sucker for groovy basslines such as this. Daft Punk got me interested in using samples but a part of me actually wants to keep the origin of this song a unknown to me.

2. Michael Jackson | Rock With You
Everything about this song is great. Off The Wall is such a great album and is my personal favorite from MJ. Every time I turn on Rock With You I feel very intimate and I just wanna lay back and feel my heart beat. I really like how calm yet passionate MJ sounds here.

3. My Bloody Valentine | Swallow
I like alot of MBV's work, but I have to say this is by far my favorite song by them. To me Swallow sounds like shoegaze from the middle east and I can picture myself somewhere like Cairo, baked in the Sun. I'm in a palm tree pool trying to communicate my attraction towards a cute native girl but I'm taking my time, slowly.

4. Wings | Arrow Through Me (with Paul McCartney)
I really wish I was twenty years of age during the 70's. I never grow tired of this song. Arrow Through Me goes down real smooth with Paul's cool, almost raspy vocal cords. This song is perfect for getting down and intimate to. Sounds like McCartney is doing a Stevie Wonder cover. So so so so so so sexy.

5. The Whitest Boy Alive | Courage
Nowadays you don't ever hear music like this. It has everything I love about disco, a pulsing bassline, syncopated synths (Rhodes?) and a steady beat. Courage also filters out everything that made disco cheesy. I always feel so classy and attractive when I blast this.

6. Deerhunter | Vox Celeste
Vox Celeste absolutely kills. I really became enamoured with Deerhunter when Cryptograms came out but when Microcastle came out I was a little bit disappointed. Thank God for Weird Era Continued. I love the whole extra album and I consider it the true follow up to Cryptograms. This song sounds exactly what I imagined Deerhunter evolving into, a nu My Bloody Valentine at their most poppiest. Every time I turn it up in my car and speed off with the windows down.

7. The Beach Boys | Don't Worry Baby
The guitars in this song pluck my ears so nicely. The Beach Boys are spot on in Don't Worry Baby, the voices all come together so perfectly. The melodies are catchy and they do a good job keeping my attention. I want to walk down a beach with this stuck in my head. Only the best of moods are guaranteed.

8. Snoop Dogg | Let's Get Blown
I'm going to talk about sexy basslines again. This song has some really cool production and I really like the call and shout action between Pharell and girl. Snoop Dogg is my self conscience à la Brad Pitt/Edward Norton in Fight Club. He's telling me that I should stop beating around the bush and ask this girl out tonight.

9. Earth, Wind & Fire | September
September gives me a celebration of visuals in my mind. Fire works, dusk and dawn in the city. This song is just so groovy and it's impossible for my mood not to be lifted when I turn it on. Good times will happen when you turn this on loud at a party.

10. Klaxons | As Above, So Below (Justice Remix)
Justice did an excellent job making this song a classic remix. The beat sticks down into your legs and you just have to dance. The main sample is spliced up perfectly with the drums and voices. For some reason it reminds me of the chemical level in Sonic The Hedgehog 2 for Genesis.