WARMER MIXTAPES #223 | by Monty Cooper of Clubfeet

1. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti | Beverly Kills
Beverly Kills the freaks with her golden arrow...The house prices don't go down yet all around I see the underground. I know a guy used to ball in the league, yeah, he's dancing in the street...The perfect summation of lost promise and dreams gone awry. It's Ariel Pink's ode to himself. Aging drop outs crushed and unable to pay their rent, the aspiring hopefuls and washed up ball players clinging on to what's left of their hopes, being left behind by the real world. You can't stop the press.

2. Peter Gabriel | Red Rain
Well hell we all know a red rain is going to fall, but it's nice when it's wrapped up in poly rhythms and massive 80s toms.

3. Blur | This Is A Low
Well everyone has their obsessional adolescent band, and this one was one of mine - which I guess might help explain away my haircuts. At the time I didn't know much of anything about the Kinks, or David Bowie, but I knew that when Graham's guitars swirled in This Is A Low and Damon sang the results of the British Shipping report over the top I had never heard anything so perfect...

3. Yeasayer | O.N.E.
Most flaming track of the last 12 months, just saw them play at a festival and lost our shit to this track. It's also soundtracked a road trip through the Klein Karoo in South Africa - I think it dropped when we hit the snowy peaks of the Schwartberg Pass.

4. Depeche Mode | Useless (K&D Remix)
This whole sound has been murdered by chill out and cafe del blah but Sessions was the definitive downtempo record - a mix of blunted jazz, dub, Brian Eno, and Austrian tycoon. I got given this on tape (I think I was playing in on my $4 Panaphonic cassette deck) on the shore of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia when I was 18 and it stayed in the deck for 4 months on repeat... When Dave Gahan's Echoing in myyyyyyyyyyyy.... mind first hit I almost lost my insides with joy. Even my old man was fond of a bit of the Kruger.

5. The Go-Betweens | Cattle And Cane
The Go-Betweens were the Australian Fleetwood Mac - two couples in a band together, oscillating from art school pretense to pop aspiration, from a small sunbaked Australian city to London squats and squallor, trying to keep the ends from fraying too badly. This song captures it all.

6. Jonathon Boulet | A Community Service Announcement
This is a ray of pastoral sunshine from a Sydney drummer/skate-rat who recorded it all in his garage and ended up getting hunted down by Kanye West for a man hug.

7. Bob Dylan | Mozambique
When Bob gets all hazy and wistful, makes me want to be in Africa with a linen suit and a cocktail named after a Victorian explorer.

8. Dr. Dog | Heart It Races (Architecure In Helsinki Cover)
Genius version of a genius track. It's a summer day swilling Sangria and splashing in the kiddie pool.

9. Phoenix | Too Young
We had to smoke about 30 packets of Camel cigarettes to get into a Camel-only Phoenix gig at the Bowery Ballroom in 2006 and it was worth every *cough* one.

10. Tame Impala | Solitude Is Bliss (Canyons Remix)
Two of the best Western Australia acts get super psychadelic and blissed out together in a big custardy MDMA bathtub.