WARMER MIXTAPES #228 | by Allen Taylor [Feast Of Violet] of Roman Photos

1. Scientist | Ghost Of Frankenstein
I am in love with the production on this song, since it's like a dense collage or a puzzle, you can listen to it a million times and still find new sounds each time. And it's so damn catchy!

2. Mulatu Astatqe | Tezeta
My winter city song. Makes me feel nostalgic.

3. Vashti Bunyan | Trawlerman’s Song
A sweet little lullaby. I try to listen to this when I’m falling asleep or waking up.

4. Avey Tare & Panda Bear | Alvin Row
I love all of the songs on this album, but this one is the eye of the duck of the album. This was the first AC album that I could get my hands on back when. My favorite memory of this album is riding through the windy roads of the bavarian alps during a break in a storm, intense light from snowy mountaintops down through the rain soaked pine forest. This is one of those songs/albums that got me to start drawing. I got my recording name from a misheard lyric from Chocolate Girl.

5. So | Untitled C
Markus Popp was really my first exposure into the world of noisier things. It came from me being a huge nerd at an early age. When I was a freshman in high school I downloaded and burned this game called Rez For The Dreamcast, and when you could unlock this hidden stage, which played an Oval song, which I would play for hours and hours. Once I did some research, it kind of opened the flood gates for everything. I love this project in particular, because I feel it strikes a strong balance between an emotional, gentle atmosphere, and dense, glitchy textures. Also the art designer of this record, Katsumi Yokota, also designed art for Rez, and Panzer Dragoon Saga, which also got me thinking about art a lot when I was little.

6. Spacemen 3 | So Hot
This is one of the most played songs on my iPod. This song is like medicine for me. I just put it on repeat until I’m cured.

7. OMD | Souvenir
This song reminds me of fireworks and snow. I love the drama.

8. Delta 5 | Mind Your Own Business
My bandmates Chris and Drew from Roman Photos turned me onto this one. I don’t think there should be a dj set without this one.

9. The Sharades | Dumbhead
My buddies from Carnivores turned me on to this saucy little number. It's probably everyone’s favorite Joe Meek track, but hearing that buzzy bass keyboard line still makes me crazy.

10. Sparks | My Other Voice
I’ve loved this song for a long time. And I love the fact that this song is on those internet jukeboxes that are at crummy bars & sometimes at the waffle house. That Moroder vocoder (Morocoder?) always blows my mind!

+11. Carnivores | The Florentine
+12. Dunes | Balance
+13. Living Rooms | You’re A Mirage
+14. Norse Horse | Shooodikids
+15. Cosmetics | Sleepwalking
+16. D/R/U/G/S | Love (Love/Lust)
+17. Abe Vigoda | Throwing Shade
+18. Coyote Clean Up | I Can’t Take This XXXX Anymore Doggie
+19. Balam Acab | Dream Out
+20. Grouper | Hold