WARMER MIXTAPES #229 | by Piers Baron [Baron]

1. Baron | Bury Your Bones (feat. Hesta Prynn)
I made this song for the 9191 Volcom snowboard movie soundtrack I just finished working on, I'm really happy to have gotten something like this to work with the film.

2. of Montreal | The Past Is A Grotesque Animal
Recommened by a good friend of mine, this song is 12:00 mins of unrelentless dance/rock blasting. Well worth checking if you haven't, its a cool as fuck song.

3. Zola Jesus | Nights
Don't know much about this artist, but I really like this song, good to hear some fresh gothness in the mix!

4. Brian Eno | No One Receiving
The first track off one of my favourite albums of all time. Words don't do this justice, just check it, it's biblical.

5. Kasabian | West Ryder Silver Bullet
I love soundtracks, especially the spaghetti western Ennio Morricone stuff, Kasabian managed to take that blueprint and turn it into a song, mega.

6. UNKLE | Set No Sun
Newie from James Lavelle and crew, no real drums on this song, a soundtrack esque arrangement with some epic instrumentation.

7. Oasis | Rockin' Chair
Oasis are one of my favourite bands and this is without doubt my favourite Oasis song. It's like a hymn...Biblical, literally.

8. Motörhead | Doctor Rock
Lemmy is the mutha fucking man, that's not up for debate, check the lyrics chin up, shoulders back you gotta body like a marshall stack it doesn't get much better than that now does it.

9. A Place To Bury Strangers
I lived my life to stand in the shadow of your heart. Oliver Ackermann is a fucking genius...Enough said.

10. The Rolling Stones | Under My Thumb
Classic stones (all of it is) from the aftermath record which also spawned paint it black. Beautiful track, always comes out when the party's in full swing.