WARMER MIXTAPES #235 | by Erik Nilsson and Jakob Berglund of A Swarm Of The Sun

SIDE A | by Erik Nilsson

1. Logh | The Smoke Will Lead You Home
If I were to list only one track, it would be this one. Beautiful emotional overload.

2. Clint Mansell | Death Is The Road To Awe
From the soundtrack of all soundtracks. I've listened to this one more times than I can remember and I never grow tired of it. When I actually think about it, I have probably only seen the actual movie once. Maybe I'm afraid that seeing it again would somehow affect my bond to this epic masterpiece.

3. Pg.lost | Heart Of Hearts
This instrumental orchestra of fellow countrymen have with their latest album In Never Out created something that truly separates them from traditional post-rock by-the-book that is way too common within the genre. One of last years best albums together with a very nice production.

4. Mew | Comforting Sounds
There's no reason denying it. I really love epic music with loads of emotions, and Mew's grand finale is a hard one to beat.

5. Vaka | I Of Everything
Close friend, music producer/audio engineer and also the man behind the drums on our latest album Zenith, released his debut album Kappa Delta Phi as the band Vaka. It's an album that takes the best parts from my favourite genres and combines them into a unique album built by huge soundscapes and film score-like influences. This selected track is somewhat the hit track of the album and simply brilliant both song- and production wise.

6. Sickoakes | Wedding Rings & Bullets In The Same Golden Shrine (Part II)
I discovered this album at a time when I was regularly travelling long distances by train, and the album became the perfect soundtrack to the open views of swedish wilderness. The entire album is built up from start by subtleness and ambience which finally builds up to this Godspeed You! Black Emperor-ish epic climax.

7. Breach | Breathing Dust
Raw, energetic and releasing. For me, this is a music substitute to slamming your fist through a wall in anger.

8. PJ Harvey | C'mon Billy
She is one of my favourite artists of all time, but also probably the hardest one to just pick a single favourite track from. This one has always been one of my favourites though, so this one it is..

9. Radiohead | Pyramid Song
From my point of view, Amnesiac is a perfect album, and this track pretty much defines the entire album; Soothing, eery and beautiful.

10. Neurosis | The Tide
It's Neurosis. No more words necessary.

SIDE B | by Jakob Berglund

1. Lindstrøm | Where You Go I Go Too
Norwegians are absolutely stellar at producing electronic music, and this is my latest addiction. 20+ minutes of music that I've pretty much put on perpetual repeat this summer. Nostalgia, euphoria and shimmering warmth, embraced by the finest never ending disco you'll hear in years.

2. Murcof | Cosmos I
This just keeps rising - from nothing to everything. Me and J got to see Murcof perform the entire Cosmos album live, in Marmorkirken (Marmorkirken means The Marble Church, which is just what it is) in Copenhagen. I've never seen or heard anything build so far. The sound became a physical presence in my body, threatening to burst me from the inside. And then it kept going. From nothing to everything. A perfect piece from a perfect album. Murcof, I love you.

3. Biosphere | Daphnis 26
I used to work as a cinema projectionist, which meant I got off from work way after midnight every night. On my way home I always had to go through the passive-agressive drunken Gehenna of late night Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm. Luckily, this music was, and is, the perfect repressor of forced sensorial input - especially of the stupid and loud kind. If Norwegians make some of the best electronic music, and Biosphere make the best electronics in Norway, what does that make Biosphere? The soundtrack for a better world.

4. Byetone | Capture This (Part II)
Extremely minimal atmospheric perfection, that I fortunately stumbled upon a while back. It sounds like the broken love child of a deserted sci-fi command bridge and a diesel engine, and it could go on forever. I wouldn't mind if it did. I wouldn't mind at all.

5. The Knife | Silent Shout
There's no way of denying the national anthem of 21st century hipsterville, it's greatness. This is one of the best pieces of music ever made. Period. This is the sound of every night out. This is the sound of hundreds of mornings, days and nights. This is the sound of friends and family. Of happiness and sadness. The sound of dreams. This is the sound of me meeting the love of my life. This is the sound of my life. Nothing can ever take it's place.

6. Johnny Cash | I See A Darkness
Nothing is sadder than this. Johnny Cash was never better. You and me listen to this all the time.

7. Logh | Death To My Hometown
A few years ago I put my life on hold and went to New York for a few months. This was my song then. Now it is ours.

8. Mogwai | Superheroes Of BMX
Mogwai is like your oldest friend. Years can pass by without you even talking, then you reconnect and everything's just like it was. No secrets, no fears. A relationship in absolute balance.

9. Labradford | Banco
The warmest and most subtle caress to keep you company through never ending cold winter nights. And through every other night.

10. Brian Eno | Lizard Point
The beginning of so many things. All of them good. All of them love.