WARMER MIXTAPES #236 | by Niklas Tjäder and Markus Clemmedson of Vidderna

SIDE A | by Markus Clemmedson

1. Thomas Wiehe | Noll
One of my favourite swedish songs of all times with great melodies and really nice spiritual lyrics.

2. The Durutti Column | Sketch For Summer
One of the artist that brought Vidderna together as a band. Vini Reilly is a forgotten genius. Surreal guitars, drum machines and amazing sounds created together with producer Martin Hannett.

3. Maria Marquez & Frank Harris | Canto Del Pilon
I have no idea what Maria Marquez sings in this song but I have got obsessed with it. Both the innovative production and the buildup is just amazing.

4. Talking Heads | Born Under Punches
The ultimate party song. And the heat goes on...And the heat goes on...And the heat goes on...

5. John Martyn | Small Hours
This song is recorded outdoors near a stream. You can hear it if you listen carefully. The master at expressing his emotions through music.

6. Bo Hansson | The Black Riders & The Flight Of The Ford
The album Lord Of The Rings by Bo Hansson is considered a classic (in Sweden). Bo died earlier this year but his music lives on!

7. Gustavo Santaolalla | Iguazu
Dreamlike. Cinematic. Beautiful track by Santaolalla.

8. Talk Talk | Life's What You Make It
Great pianobass and uplifting lyrics. Superb vocals by Mark Hollis.

9. Steve Roach | Merge
This former motorbike racer is one of the forgotten geniuses of electronic music.

10. CFCF | You Hear Colours
A nice drum sample from Ersen and a beautiful production.

SIDE B | by Niklas Tjäder

1. Airto Moreira | Peasant Dance
This song has been one of my favourites for quite some time now. It’s just a nice combination of klezmerish music and sexy funk. And it’s a killer on the dancefloor.

2. Marvin Pontiac | Small Car
I ran into this song by a coincidence, heard it on a radio show and I was instantly hooked. Monotonous, hypnotic and simply amazing! There’s also a fascinating story behind this guy!

3. Linda Perhacs | Hey, Who Really Cares?
An almost forgotten folk artist. The beauty of this song; Linda’s divine voice and the sincere lyrics makes me wanna cry my heart out.

4. Alberto Baldan Bembo | Kama Sutra
From a great soundtrack to the movie Codice d’Amore Oriental. This steamy piece gets your feet moving and your lust rising.

5. Terry Callier | Dancing Girl
An all time favourite. Both the artist and the song. His soul really shines through all of his work. I feel spiritually and physically healed by it everytime. Terry will always remain a big source of inspiration for me.

6. Carla Bley | Song Sung Long
This stompy and groovy song is written by the true genius of Carla Bley. A great jazz musician who really deserves more attention today.

7. Ljudbilden & Piloten | Domedeijla Mosse
A friend of ours and a local master of loop-based music. This song is brand new and perhaps the best he has ever recorded. Just astonishing!

8. Mahmoud Ahmed | Bèlomi Bènna
This man’s voice is in a category by itself. If you listen to this I guarantee that you will be spellbound for 4 minutes. I just love the subtle funk in this, seasoned with typical ethiopique jazz.

9. Quarteto Em Cy | Tudo Que Você Podia Ser (Milton Nascimento & Lô Borges Cover)
A jazzy Brazil thing that’s been a favourite for a long time. The flute, the voices, everything is just so perfectly put together. It also make’s me think of a fantastic trip to São Paulo me and Markus did recently.

10. Ben Watt | Waiting Like Mad
I’ve always had a thing for sad guys with guitars. This one really embodies that whole affection. From Ben’s only solo - released record: North Marine Drive.