WARMER MIXTAPES #237 | by Stephen Fasano [The Magician]/(Javelo, The Spankers & Morpheus) of Peter & The Magician

This is my Top 10 favourites songs EVER!

1. Jacno | Rectangle
This track remind me when I was young boy. I remember, it was taken for a chocolate-milk advertising in France around 1979. Unfortunately, Jacno just died last year.

M&G | When I Let You Down
Probably the best Italo-Disco track ever made. I've heard it for the first time on a BASF tape mix that my uncle has made. I was 8 or something. A bit later he gave me the record. I'm still playing it!

The Beach Boys | God Only Knows
Best voice/chorus ever. I think if I had the choose to take just one song on a desert island, that would be God Only Knows.

Aphex Twin | Alberto Balsalm
I'm not really onto Aphex Twin in general but this one is just fantastic!

Fiction Factory | (Feels Like) Heaven
I was listening to this in the Ford Mustang of my dad when we went to the Belgian coast. A fantastic souvenir!

Q. Lazzarus | Goodbye Horses

Karel Svoboda | The Visitors (Expedition Adam 84 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
From a Czech Sci-Fi series from 1984.

Jeanette | Porque Te Vas
I could say that it's the most POPular song I love.

Lucio Battisti | Ancora Tu
Italia! My roots...

Alba | Only Music Survives
This song is so intense... I play it to finish my DJ sets.

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