WARMER MIXTAPES #246 | by DannielRadall

1. Breakbot | Baby I’m Yours (feat. Irfane)
I have no words, it’s a whole trip, like if you were driving out with your friends to nowhere, The Sun is setting: No pressure, everybody chills as if there were no responsibilities. Wearing sweater tied around your waist: Knowing this track meant to me like being able to difference what’s hip and what sucks. I owe this and more tunes to my sister; she does know what’s hip!

2. Anoraak | Endless Summer
iPod Shuffle reads my mind when I get off the bus from school at night. Listen to Anoraak while I walk through Chapultepec is simply awesome, ramblings of all sorts of images come to my mind, If it’s raining is even amazing, this Tierra Mojada smell that I’ve never smelt in somewhere else takes you back to the peaceful-sweetest place that you’ve been to. I miss la France: Endless Summer is a great substitute.

3. Toro Y Moi | You Hid
Sometimes I think that if love had a sound it’d probably be this. As Lissoms and Freak Love, You Hid looks like a soundtrack of a stoned? hardcore party, such as whether to take the scene from Steel Dragon where Jen Aniston and Marky Mark are at concert’s after party making out with strangers. Blue and romantic.

4. Alice In Chains | Down In A Hole
When you realize that your life is totally screwed and you want to forget about the world: rather than get sad, lock yourself in your room, and get lost in your thoughts wondering why? Layne Staley says: Vayanse a la verga todos! To hell with everyone! The only one I care is me, nothing else really matters. Despite being so pessimistic, I find confidence and strength in these gruntry (grunge/country) Alice In Chains tunes.

5. Jef Barbara | Larmes De Crocodile
I used to live in a small apartment near to Guadalajara’s art mainstream; my two roomies were girls, so I slept in a couch. I had only one mixtape: R&B/New Jack Swing stuff that I called I should have been black... I listened to it over and over again. I had a great influence from a friend of mine and these jams reminded me those good times.

6. Okinawa Lifestyle | Wir Sind In Der Zukunft Geblieben
I have found some sort of mysticism in Okinawa’s tracks. Well-dressed bedroom recorded sounds filled out with the highest European gems. Echoes that I would have never thought. So fancy. I’ve always been attracted to this surrounding east-European weather. Underground lifestyle linked to a brand new one, sometimes I wish I was there and part of it.

7. Jaguares | Imagíname
Every year by this time (August/September) I kind of reach out and feel it for my homeland, Guanajuato & Chiapas dreams comes out all linked to this kind of music that takes me back. I feel like if I get in touch with the Mayas, let’s say that I belong J...I was like 5 years old when my brother brought home El Equilibrio De Los Jaguares, since then it has always been my strength soundtrack. It was even more my soundtrack when I road tripped to the Mexican south-east with my family a few years back, so rad! It was like travel walked by all my youth memories, with everybody that I’ve lost.

8. Tears For Fears | Advice From The Young At Heart
There is something about this waves that every time I listen them I got this Christmas faded feeling, The Horizon seems to be so close and grandma is here with us. I was really into Tears For Fears when I was in high school: I had a crush on this girl from school so every day out of classes I used to walk home figuring out how to approach her listening to these jams on my iPod. Every time I got home I locked myself in my room to fantasize ‘bout her and listen to this records over and over again in some old speakers ‘til I fell asleep. I used to wake up late, around 6pm with this winter weather. So I was all alone at home cooking quesadillas for myself and listening to TFF again.

9. Keep Shelly In Athens | Cremona Memories
I’ve been diggin’ this song for a few months but it was only a couple of days ago that I realized how peaceful it was. I listened to it again after shit came over; I was trying to get rid of my thoughts…There were so many things that I should have told her when I could… That feeling of wanting to leave anywhere was chasing me. When I saw this (fan) video/heard this song again I felt like if I had someone for me to talk to, all things I had to say were printed on its waves, I didn’t even had to make up my mind, I only had to play it loud and everything was gone.

10. Jamiroquai | Virtual Insanity
I’m not sure how the hell Jay Kay manages to do so awesome beats, I mean; he’s not even French or African-American (kidding)… Jamiroquai is so awesome! I can’t help walk this way with those tracks that seems to be taken from a 90’s TV show.

+11. Winger | Headed For A Heartbreak
Headed For A Heartbreak is the stereotype of 80’s monster ballads. I always wanted to have a Glam Rock tribute band, wear tight clothes and make up, play fast guitar solos, rehears at drummer’s workshop and make out with your blonde hot girlfriend while it rains. Go to a huge gig and drive your 68’ GT350 Mustang by The Sunset. I recently found an old mixtape that I made a long time ago. I think it’s great for any mood.