WARMER MIXTAPES #247 | by Michael Kinloch, Ricki O'Rawe and Keith Winter of Not Squares

SIDE A | by Keith Winter

1. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti | Round And Round
This song never fails to bring me disco whatever the situation, the bus, the living room dance-off, the midnight snack beside granny's old multi-stereo record player combo, this record makes me move, and then the chorus!

2. Liquid Liquid | Optimo
Seeing this live at Primavera Sound this year in The Sunshine was a very joyful moving moment.

3. Tortoise | Prepare Your Coffin
Big fan of Tortoise, they continue to make amazing timeless music that straddles genres but stays watertight.

4. Tussle | Meh Teh
For any Kraut fans of Cluster, Neu!, Harmonia or early Kraftwerk this is the band for you, such clever percussive build-ups, close-mic'd basslines, makes you wanna dance while holding a cigarette and a flute of champagne in each hand...

5. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs | Sickly Child
If this is the sound of a sickly child then i'd fear to meet that child in good health.

6. Leonard Cohen | First We Take Manhattan
Sweaty basement circle of disco warriors in Leeds afterparty with people blending into the walls and extra vocal accompaniments on the backing vocals

7. Girls Names | If I...
Belfast reverb soaked disposable noise popsters that we share a practice room with, and often a car, bed, beer, amp, drumkit and most of our possessions, great guitar hooks.

8. Burning Spear | I And I Survive
Gotta represent for the days of slavery and Marcus Garvey, this record is sublime, never grows tired on me, the sequences of how the instruments interlock, Spear's voice, the production of it, organs etc. ... Great.

9. ESG | My Love For You
Again, any context, any circumstance, even a funeral... Put this on, people will start jiggling, astoundingly good record.

10. Lindstrøm & Christabelle | Lovesick
Norwegian easy-electro wobblers, slinky little tune with catchy hooks that keeps the dancefloor's attention, great lazy vocals and with that now into the margarita's.

SIDE B | by Michael Kinloch

1. See Waves | Nice Nice
Amazing Warp Records band. I know that lots of bands are taking to the Afrobeat style, but these guys do it well. Makes me feel like I want to stroke a zebra.

2. Alan Vega | Saturn Drive
Singer of Suicide, one of my favourite bands. Makes me feel like ram-raiding an Argos with a Ferrari.

3. Todd Rungren | Wolfman Jack
Dad rock. Pep Pep rock! Makes me want to get my work bench out and start some wood work projects.

4. Factory Floor | A Wooden Box
Arp fantastic. Cold and warm. Insane and calming. Makes me want to lift heavy things and throw them.

5. Loose Joints | Tell You
Multiple cowbells, handclaps and amazing brass. Arthur Russell's disco classic. LOVE it! Makes me want to roller blade my face off.

6. Siriusmo | Simple
This is what music should be. This guy never leaves the studio in Berlin. Makes me want to be Siriusmo.

7. Modeselektor | The Black Block
Nice and gritty. Dirty, dirty dance music. Makes me want to water colour badgers.

8. Jingo | Fever
Kenyan Afrobeat. Love ya love ya baby cos you give me fever. Makes me want to develop cures for fever, help this guy out.

9. The Phenomenal Handclap Band | 15 To 20
Manhattan and Brooklyn grooves. Sesame Street for the slow dance floor. Makes me want to boogie with Super Grover.

10. Gold Panda | I Suppose I Should Say Thanks Or Some Shit
Nice, nice,nice. Warm and fuzzy and glitchy. Makes me want to pay Argos for all the damage I did with my Ferrari.

SIDE C | by Ricki O'Rawe

1. Thread Pulls | Weight
Amazing band based in Dublin that manages to craft effortlessly cool grooves. They make what they do seem really simple, but any time I try to emulate it I fall flat on my face. Really excited about their new album.

2. Ratatat | Bilar
The best use of guitars I have heard in a band in a long time (alongside number 10 of course). I have been following the last couple of Ratatat albums and think that, on this one, they have perfected their art. Great beats, sounds and riffs. I have been writing a thesis all summer, barely getting out to see the sky, and this record, along with copious amounts of Gui Boratto, Tortoise and John Fahey, has kept me sane.

3. Hudson Mohawke | Joy Fantastic
I didn’t get to go to any festivals this summer as a punter, but any time I heard this song I remembered what fun I might have been having if I did – bittersweet, but joy fantastic.

4. J Dilla | Workinonit
This song really sums up the genius of some of the West Coast beat producers, who have an uncanny ability to find a song, lift a sample from it, and make you look at it in a completely different light. I am fairly new to Donuts and the mythology surrounding it, but I’m hooked.

5. Gui Boratto | Beautiful Life
This song is just so full of nostalgia, the type that makes you feel longing to for memories that never actually happened. So little goes so far and he manages to combine a number of elements that usually turn me off in dance music (cheesey vox, obvious chord progressions) into something full of warmth and joy.

6. Selda | Yaz Gazeteci Yaz
First heard this song at an amazing Animal Collective DJ set in Belfast where everyone was going crazy. They pulled out this gem and a number of us spent the next couple of day trying to find out what it was. I’m glad I did, although I think Michael and Keith are getting sick of hearing it in our DJ sets.

7. Debruit | Nigeria What?
Diamond Mike put me on to this one, love the way he manages to successfully capture that afrobeat vibe in an electronica track. Lightening Head did an EP in a similar way - maybe we should to?

8. Townes Van Zandt | Rake
This may well be one of my favorite ever songs (and so periodically creeps back onto my playlists).

9. Fela Kuti | Alu Jon Jonki Jon

10. Adebisi Shank | International Dreambeat
These guys have riffs all over their bodies. They aren’t sure who got it first, but after a couple of drunken nights they all had it. Beware Adebisi Shank. They have also realized my life long dream by achieving that Brian May treble booster guitar crescendo at the end of the song.