1. Komëit | End Of Camp
This is an example of one of those songs that has stuck with me for what feels like a thousand years. Komëit is a great band from Germany (maybe Düsseldorf, if I remember correctly) and this is perhaps one of their best songs that was featured on an Escalator Records compilation (which I purchased initially for a Yukari Fresh song). End Of Camp is perhaps the most perfect song for feeling nostalgic. Komëit have described themselves as tendercore which is pretty apt. I'm not sure what else to say other than please listen to this song alone, and preferably with headphones.

2. Slowdive | When The Sun Hits
Incidentally, Komëit also covered this song (excellently). Shoegaze is maybe one of my favourite textures of music, and Souvlaki is pretty much universally hailed as the best record Slowdive put out, and Slowdive is pretty much universally hailed as one of the best examples of how to do Shoegaze right, so you have a very cream of the crop track here. I'm sure all of you have heard this song before, but damn, it's really worth a re-listen. I used to listen to this song in my bedroom, when I was living with my parents, and secretly smoke cigarettes out of my window and feel really dreary and wear plaid. Perfect.

3. Xiu Xiu | Mike
Right around the time my father died, Jamie Stewart and co. wrote this track and put it on one of their best records Fabulous Muscles. Mike is about Jamie's father's death, and the lyrics really hit home. Strangely enough, my own father's birthday just passed on October 8th, so now seems like a good time to hear this song. I remember writing an email to Jamie and telling him how nice it was to honestly relate to something so matter of fact. Thanks.

4. Former Ghosts | In Earth's Palm
And on we move to a related project, Former Ghosts. This is, in my opinion the best song on their debut Fleurs. Zola, your voice is fucking nuts. When this came out (Jesus, was it like, three years ago now??) I was very excited, and bought the record and sat squarely in the middle of my apartment and fucking hated it the first time I spun it. I was immensely disappointed, so I started drinking. I listened to it again, I loved it. Ever since then, sober or not, I totally love it. Turns out getting shitfaced really DOES bond you with someone else.

5. The Knife | Still Light
The Knife are obviously very influential to me, so it's no surprise it would show up somewhere here. I remember my friend Patrick sending me this mp3 while I was living in Los Angeles. I was telling him how much I disliked this L.A. club beat West Hollywood thumper shit, so thus my love affair with the sibling duo supreme was born. This remains my favourite track off of Silent Shout.

6. Balam Acab | Big Boy
Balam Acab has to be one of my favourite bands coming out of this witch-house blog phenomena. Big Boy is a big, watery, bassy, beautiful mess. I do not know what the lyrics are, nor do I care, I just need me some dark dub action. Thanks Balam.

7. Beth Gibbons & Rustin Mann | Show
Perhaps one of the most beautiful and sad songs I have ever heard, Show has been a constant addition to any cry myself to sleep playlist I've put together over the past few years (and damn there are a lot). We all know how gorgeous her voice is, so if you haven't heard this yet, do yourself a favour and download it now.

8. Blonde Redhead | Spain
I've already gone on and on about how perfect this entire album is on my very short lived music blog, but this is certainly the best track here (and a wonderful exit, too). Kazu Makino and brothers Pace have always held a certain mystery for me, a romantic allure that I don't think I can shake. The first Blonde Redhead track I heard was their cover of Serge Gainsbourg's Slogan as recommended by my ex-girlfriend's older brother, and ever since then, I have followed their career unrelentingly. They haven't let me down yet.

9. Nick Cave | Jack The Ripper
I'm very very selective about the Nick Cave that I listen to, because in all honesty, I really dislike his voice (which will probably upset certain people to hear). But the lyrics to this song might just be my favourite (perhaps beside anne sexton's Mercy Street for Peter Gabriel). A story about Nick Cave that I think is funny is: I was watching SCREAM in the theatres when it came out, and I heard Red Right Hand and that was that. Maybe it's only funny to me. In any event, Xiu Xiu covered this song on their New Zealand/Australia tour EP and it's fucking awesome. I don't know, it' a good song, listen to it.

10. Novy Svet | Un Canto Sobre La Muerte
My friend Christopher of KITES (now defunct) made me a great mixtape just last week, and this song was on it, and I don't know anything about it other than I absolutely love it.