WARMER MIXTAPES #258 | by William Cody Watson [Pink Priest/Gremlynz/Malibu Wands]

1. Eat Skull | Dawn In The Face
Stoner boner burn out blow out. Just a skull sitting on a neck.

2. Lynyrd Skynyrd | Saturday Night Special
Guns kill people. No more questions.

3. Three 6 Mafia | Big Bizness
Hypnotize minds, you know what to do.

4. Tim Hecker | Chimeras
Total control on the vibe & soul... Solid gold, dripping down the module walls.

5. Tyler, The Creator | Splatter
Somebody tell Satan I want my fuckin swag back. This is the heaviest shit.

6. Taiga Remains | Descend From Ivory Cliffs
Like having sex with an electric bolt in a snowstorm, or maybe 5 seconds post-trepanning.

7. Dead Meadow | Get Up On Down
I straightened you out. * 4-kirsten.

8. Flight | Witch Hunt Town
Soul brotha from anotha motha, saving rock and roll, turning tricks.

9. The Brian Jonestown Massacre | Evergreen
Astral dynamics, another plane of existence, no pain no gain, all haze/all gaze/all daze.

10. Young Lords | Young Lust
KITES + Prurient. Seductive strums lead to the sneak attack that'll have you crying shit.