WARMER MIXTAPES #260 | by Adam Olenius of Tutankamon, We Are Serenades and Shout Out Louds

The music list of Adam Olenius.
From a young boy to a young man.

1. Wham! | Last Christmas
I know this is Christmas song but for me it's just a love song. Favorite line Me I guess I was a sholder to cry on. Such a teenage love song line.

2. The Beach Boys | I Know There Is An Answer
The chorus has one of the best melodies ever written. It makes me wanna cry I'll tell you. It is so facinating that the Brian Wilson didn't write the lyics on this record. They seem to match so well. The alternative title Hold On To Your Ego is brilliant as well.

3. Nico | These Days
Such a lonely song. The song is beautifully made by Jackson Browne but Nico adds the lonliness and the alienate feeling to it.

4. Pantera | Walk
I was a big Heavy Metal fan as a kid and this song was one of my favorites. So montomous and well crafted.

5. The Smiths | The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
Hard to pick a Smiths favorite. But I think this one tops the most.

6. The Cure | Pictures Of You (Show Version)
One of my favorite songs of The Cure. The best version is on the live album Show. It waits and waits until the vocals comes in and the words feels just like a cure.

7. Håkan Hellström | Rockenroll, Blåa Ögon - Igen
This song is by a swedish artist. His songs has helped me a lot in hard times.

8. Guns N' Roses | Estranged
16 years old and in love. My old CD player had a repeat button wish was used alot for this song. The song is really long and epic so I never got tired of it. I finally dared to talk to her after gym class and we went home to my parents house. I kept her as a secret for friends wich I felt really bad for. Sorry Anne.

9. Notorious B.I.G. | Sky Is The Limit
The master of hip hop and R&B. So luxurious and smooth. Everyone should wake up to this song. Big ups.

10. Tom Waits | Martha
About grown up love. Such a timeless song.

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