WARMER MIXTAPES #261 | by Evan Voytas

1. Elis Regina and Tom Jobim | Águas de Março
I like to watch videos on YouTube of them performing this song through the years. Its always real good, and they have such a pleasant energy between them.

2. Gorillaz | Superfast Jellyfish
I haven't really tried to make sense of this song in any way. I'm not sure what it is. Seems good or at least mostly good as far as I can tell.

3. The Spinners | Rubberband Man
I got my mom a Spinners' Greatest Hits cd for her birthday one year. She grew up in Philly and loved to listen to this kind of stuff so I heard a good amount of it growing up.

4. Mick Goodrick | Feebles, Fables And Ferns
This was my favorite song for years and years. I'd stare at the photo of Mick in the album art when I'd listen to this. Think about that dude a lot. Now I'm thinking of other dudes who's photos I'd stare at. I have a copy of A Gradual Awakening by Steven Levine, I could stare at the photo on the back of that book forever. Ram Dass, too. Long contemplative looks.

5. Shabazz Palaces | Blastit
Ish from Digable Planets new project. This was the first track on a mix cd that Blu gave me that I had in my car for a while.

6. Smokey Robinson | Cruisin
When I turned 18 I moved to Harlem. I shared a big railroad style apartment with a lot of other people, a potter, an elderly Japanese man, a Korean girl. We used to make dumplings in the kitchen, I'd bring my Boombox out of my room and put it on the table and just put this tune on repeat.

7. Fergie | Glamorous (feat. Ludacris)
This song feels so smooth to me, I really like that feeling. It really glides along.

8. Johnny Smith | Moonlight In Vermont
This song was a smasher when it dropped I guess, featuring Stan Getz on Tenor Sax. I got this one when I was 14 and would listen to it a whole lot. Johnny Smith played guitar for the NBC Symphony Orchestra, then did some records like this, and then moved out to Colorado. Another dude I like to think about, I feel like some of his life-choices parallel my own.

9. The Dandy Warhols | You Were The Last High
These dudes are just so cool.

10. Sylvia Striplin | Give Me Your Love
I love this song, as a very straight-forward disco jam.