WARMER MIXTAPES #263 | by LG of Dead Leaf Echo

1. Adorable | Favorite Fallen Idol
Because Ian, I've gotta do my hair, I gotta do my hair!!

2. Chaptehouse | Breather
We just played with the reunited Chapterhouse and seeing this right in front of me was a 2nd revelation.

3. Spoonfed Hybrid | Boys In Zinc
I'm the only person that bought this video on iTunes. I know I checked. What is wrong with the world?

4. Area | I'll Gather Flowers
Hearing this ambient masterpiece, made me want to fuse Super 8 with reverb.

5. Elika | Trying Got Us Nowhere
Amazing glittered with tragic... Sometimes I'll play this song on acoustic guitar early in the mornings as The Sun comes up.

6. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffitti | Beverly Kills
DLE album of the summer. Hanging in the car listening with my bandmates... Surfing out to Long Island... Took me back to my youth hanging with rastas and popcorn bums listening to IRS Records Comps.

7. Frank Black and the Catholics | Ole Mulholland
Saw this on a Lost Surfing video I think it was 5'5 x 19 1/4... Was a teenager when it came out... So I guess this song made me feel like the Teenager of the Year. Also this was when Frank was still amazingly prolific as his life as a Pixie, and also and finally this album was like Frank had made it to the point where not only did he but his band truly resemble the 75' version of Lou Reed's band with Hunter/Wagner on guitars.

8. Kitchens Of Distinction | Drive That Fast
Bass and Bongos with Julian's Guitar make for a place you can only dream escaping to. This is straight from the Guthrie guitar school and remains one of the finest examples of it. Decent Lyrics from Pat.

9. The Cure | Closedown
The drums just bore down into me. I've have heart palpitations when I hear it.

10. Ce-Lo Green | Fuck You
Damn this shit is hard to resist, sure it's kinda of like prom music and silly, but I was raised on Motown so hey if you don't like it - F*ck U...

+11. Antoine Dobson | Bedroom Intruder
Honorable mention.