WARMER MIXTAPES #264 | by Colin Browne [late light]

1. High Places | The Longest Shadows
A classic waiting to be forgotten and rediscovered. The video is like encountering sunlight for the first time.

2. Art Of Noise | Moments In Love
Immediate and sustained satisfaction. Early use of samples. My first favorite band that nobody else listened to.

3. New Musik | Areas
Waking up outdoors. The only moment of peace during a winter living with hockey players and a manic-depressive husky dog. We used a coat hanger to unclog the bathtub.

4. Mouse On Mars | Frosch
Driving across Canada on a bus to spend the summer with a new girlfriend. Original 9 minute Vulvaland version only please. Guy next to me eating peanut butter packets with his fingers. 30 hours later, still in Ontario.

5. Bobby Brown | Roni (Dance!... Ya Know It! Remix)
In my opinion, Dance!... Ya Know It! is Bobby Brown's best album, even though it was apparently released as an afterthought to cash in on the success of his debut. Grade 6, dancing in my bedroom with headphones on so my parents won't know what I'm up to. Should be studying.

6. Eddie Money | Take Me Home Tonight
I remember listening to this song on a tiny am/fm radio while falling asleep as a child and not having a clue what he was saying at the end of the chorus. Thanks to the internet, I finally found out.

7. Hieroglyphics | Halo
Who can touch this beat?... Seven years ago, I had all but given-up on hip-hop and was lamenting this fact to a co-worker named D'arcy, revered around the office for his Dr. Phil impression. The next day, he showed up with one of the greatest mixtapes of all time. Simply put, this beat is not to be futzed with.

8. The O'Jays | Cry Together
Pained soul at its finest. Honestly, this song reminds me of being drunk and moved to tears, as I feel those perfectly strained vocal chords stretching just a little further.

9. Guided By Voices | Kicker Of Elves
Short and not sweet at all. Take that, elves.

10. The Fleetwoods | Come Softly To Me
You are alone in a city that hates you. You stumble upon a 1950's music compilation. Suddenly, the day is not lost. Surely you do not need me to point out why this song is so beautiful.