WARMER MIXTAPES #265 | by Mauro Remiddi [Porcelain Raft]

1. SALEM | Asia
There's something about this track, the fear of silence. There's no space for nothing else, every frequency is been occupied by those keyboards and beats, at the same time it's not in your face, it's in the air. Like a cloud made of iron. I had this weird feeling when I heard it, like when you are a kid and you think you saw the devil. As a kid what do you know about the devil? Yet you do believe you saw it and run to tell everybody. It's the same with this track, they saw the devil, like a child would. There's purity in it.

2. Deerhunter | Desire Lines
This track is CMJ for me, walking in Brooklyn, hanging out with friends, soft sunbeams in our faces. Top roof silence, colours and pattern. This is NY and me swimming in it.

3. How To Dress Well
Any tracks from him, I have the album and I put it on repeat. At first I couldn't really get his music... 'Till I saw him live. Everything clicked at once and I was projected in a world of beauty that slowly was fading away under my own eyes, leaving me thinking, I want more of this.

4. R. Stevie Moore | Answers
I discover Stevie Moore one year ago and still I don't understand how come I didn't come to know his music before. This man wrote amazing songs. I don't really care about him recording his music in his house with a lo-fi attitude when the word lo-fi didn't mean anything to anybody. I just like the songs and the lyrics... This guy is has a beautiful weird little world and he threw the key right in our hands.

5. Yuck | Weekend
I made a little video for this song not because I love every single one in Yuck... 'Cause it's an amazing track. Daniel voice is so beautiful and it keeps you awake while he's dreaming. I had to listen to it 20 times while I was editing and still now it's one of the most played tracks on my MP3 player.

6. Lonely Galaxy | Bible Truth Depot
Harry's voice is like Arcade Fire and Echo & The Bunnymen whispering to us the way out from all this madness. So powerful yet intimate. It could be the perfect soundtrack for the movie Les Enfants Du Paradis.

7. Silent Portrait | Washed Away
She is a friend of mine that lives that suddenly started to make music... And I like it very much. I like the sparse sounds and the field-recoding-like atmosphere. So incomplete that makes you wonder if it's better to dream of a piece of art or make one for real. She's in the middle, she just woke up and randomly saying what she saw in her dreams.

8. Blonde Redhead | Messenger
I have to say that usually I tend not to listen to music... I record my stuff most of the time so when I stop I just want silence, the only moments when I hear music is on the bus with my headphones or at gigs. I supported Blonde Redhead few months ago...14 dates around Europe. I didn't miss none of their sets. Every night I was there watching them, my heart swollen from emotions that came from their music and from the people I met. This band is one of my favourite ever, I don't understand why someone like David Lynch or Jarmush don't make a movie-documentary about them, the subject is like a fractal image, more you get closer more it reveals what you saw already in the biger picture and it never stops unfolding itself.

9. Anika | Terry
Her voice is vague, the bass is the room where the smoke machine is unleashed. I like this post industrial dub imaginary...

10. Roy Orbinson | In Dreams
His voice, the chord changing... Man, when I grow up I want to be just like him.