WARMER MIXTAPES #284 | by Shane Shumaté [Mascara] of Mastok

Hi, I'm Shane. My solo project is Mascara and I'm having a new duo project called Mastok.

1. Stars Of The Lid | Music For Twin Peaks Episode #30, Part 1
This warm, perfect blanket of sound helps me float away each and every time. I have been in love with drone for a long time. And I think this track is the epitome of everything you could ask for in a minimal, drone setting.

2. Armin Van Buuren | Carry Me Away
I have always had a love for good trance ever since I grew up in the rave scene. A quiet walk, observing the Sky. How the trees blend with the colors of clouds. This track assists in a spiritual experience everytime.

3. Atheus | Deploy
Minimal dub techno all the way! The filtered dubby bass and simple drums always make me feel so gangster when I throw this track on. I love how minimal techno doesnt necessarily follow the 8-bar layering of normal EDM. The hats could come in 4 mintues into the song, only helping you drift further away.

4. DJ DMD | 25 Lighters (feat. Lil Keke & Fat Pat) (Screwed)
Something about slowing down a track adds a thicker layer of spiritualiy for me. Everytime this track comes on I just wanna lower my seat and drive slow.

5. Salem | Sores (Drag)
The epic, ravey synth with slowed vocals is absolutely genius. And the build up is why this is one of my favorite tracks. In my opinion, BEST Salem track they got.

6. Flow Dan | Run
I remember being in the deep cave, Club Love in NYC. It was Dubwar with Loefah. Jammed packed. Through the weed smoke and sweat came this track. Loefah dropped this right before it was released on Swamp81. I remembered being completely floored. And it just kept going, and getting deeper. Fucking amazing.

7. Ceremony | Birth. Conspire. Be. Upset.
I can't forget my old punk/hardcore roots! This band represents everything disrespectful to me. I grew up listening to Crass, Flux Of Pink Indians, and alot of powerviolence. This band is the best hardcore/powerviolence band around these days.

8. Godspeed You Black Emperor! | Storm
This band should actually be in my number one slot. And actually this list isn't in any order for me. Just bands that came up as I'm thinking. My life, my inspiration, my thoughts, my music is all influenced by the grandfathers of post-rock, GYBE!. This track in particular has helped me in some many ways I can't describe. I have my tickets for Brooklyn and Philly shows thank God.

9. Prurient | Rose Pillar
One of my favorite harsh noise producers goes a little soft and drony on this track. Very good! Anything repeatative, and minimal in my opinion is the best.

10. Odd Nosdam | Untitled 1
When it comes to experimental, filed recordings, or anything underground hiphopish, Odd Nosdam takes the cake. This genius lives in California and has made sick beats for awhile now. The whole Burner album is awesome.