WARMER MIXTAPES #283 | by David Robert Gerhard of Mondo Teeno

1. Young Money | Fuck Da Bulls (feat. Birdamn, Nicki Minaj, Gudda Gudda, Lil Wayne, Drake)
A NIGHT CLUB. The room opens, in the middle of all the commotion... I'm there with you watching me, you can see the detail in the stitching of my Bottega Veneta. Feel it. Then take a swig with me.

2. Grave Babies | Blood
Unfortunately something has started in da back, and the only way we're going to get fucking through it is if we disregard our $ and step through the puddle of whatever fluid in are shoes, cross the street and RUN.

3. Lime | Unexpected Lovers
We're only going to be at this point for an hour, so let's enjoy the scenes together before this place wears off. Do you see the way all of these events are connected?

4. David Bowie | African Night Flight
Wore offf, ohhhhhhhh no, now we can really see whats going on.

5. Pictureplane | Double Sets Of Lungs
Realizing what has been around us, we can grab each other. I can see you and here I am accepting what you have, wanting it too if that's what it takes.

6. OMD | Souvenir
Well we cummed and everything is still the same.

7. Salem | Piggy Hog
Even when you're not around... Now I can feel it pacing through me. The longest decision we'veeeee evvveeerrrrr made...

8. The Breeders | Rave On
Take a seat, forget what's coursing through you. Hopefully you can forget what will never leave, we can still have fun though.

9. Scorpion Violente | Ich Kann Nicht
We have endless ways of getting to were we need to be in the end. Are we taking the car train or bus?...

10. Black Leather Glove | Cosmetics (20JZZFNKGRTSRMX)
Well, we arrive right back where we started, and something makes me forget.