WARMER MIXTAPES #295 | by Christian Kjellvander

1. Randy Newman | Suzanne
A friend who runs a record shop in town told me he had had this record sitting in plastic on his shelf for 7 years, mostly cause he thought he knew exactly how it sounded. He just recently unwrapped it and put it on and was blown away. He told me to buy it and keep it wrapped for the same amount of time and then listen to it. I put it on the shelf for about 7 hours, put it on and haven't taken it out of the cd player since then... It's right-at-this-moment-blues and it's very well done.

2. Mark Olson | Pacific Coast Rambler
I had this song on a compilation for many years and it's been rolling in and out of my life... But I never really stopped to listen to it until about a week ago. Such a beatiful piece.

3. Austin Lucas | Man Alive
A few years ago Austin and a few of his relatives were on tour and my wife and I had them over to do a house concert in our fairly small apartment. It was a beautiful May evening and Austin sang this song a capella. Everytime I hear it... I also hear the chirping of the blue tit.

4. Tom Petty | Apartment Song
A few weeks ago my wife and I had a child. I know people often want to deliver their baby into the world with specific songs but we couldn't find ONE song so we skipped that whole bit. Anyway, when we were at the delivery there was a cd player so I looked though my bag to see if fate had left me a record... Well, I happened to have a Tom Petty record in my computer bag. So that settled it, my son was born into this world to Apartment Song by Tom Petty... Could've been worse!

5. John Cale | Amsterdam
Lovely fall wheather song.

6. Bill Fay | Methane River
This song has a Hollywood style build up... He's got to cross that river even though he knows it's poison... But he can make it! It's like Rocky Balboa vs. the Big Bad Bear.

7. Kiss | Cold Gin
It's just fucking funny and the sound is amazing.

8. E.E. Hack String Band | Too Tight Rag
One of my favorite songs... I want it to be played at my funeral... I mean you can't hear it without smiling just a little bit.

9. Kraftwerk | Tour De France √Čtape 3
I love to run and listen to music... And this is perfect for that purpose.

10. Tony Williams | Two Pieces Of One: Green
Tony played drums with Miles Davis most notably on Miles In The Sky. Some musicians have there own timing... Their own pulse and inner motion that sets them aside from others who just think and play. Tony's got it...