WARMER MIXTAPES #296 | by Miruna Boruzescu [Borusiade] of Hector and Stereonucleose

1. The Kinks | Just Friends
One of the first sounds that my ears perceived when I was not even able to talk, was the record Percy. I was spending hours in an armchair with record covers, singing together The Kinks. Was pop music ever so pure?

2. The Incredible String Band | Talking Of The End
The record Liquid Acrobat As Regards The Air was lying in my father's music collection for quite some time. Long before my birth. After repeated insistence I played it, when I was 12. Today it's still with me.

3. Fischerspooner | Turn On
You wanted a hit, well I definitely do hits. This song is not only a hit to me but it's also incredible hot. Bless the teen years in The Web Club and Viva Il Electroclash!!

4. Velvet Underground & Nico | Chelsea Girls
This song is like life running out. A genius loop, I wish it would never end. I am wondering, while writing this, if this song could be a desert-island-song...?! The stories, the sound, the voice; I could live only on that.

5. The Divine Comedy | Our Mutual Friend
This song was first a mirror of a moment of my life, then it had to transform into a short-film... It never did. Now it passed all tests of time in my Top-10-all-time-fav.

6. The Human League | Dreams Of Leaving
21 years old; one of the most interesting and fruitful periods of my life until today. That is when this song was almost an hymn for me and a very good friend. We were planning to run away to Berlin... City of all our hopes... At least electronic hopes. We invented a legend behind this song and everything seemed possible...

7. Fredo Viola | The Turn
I took a turn in the world of pop...; the quintessence of Bach and pop, because Bach was pop too. Beside the music I love, I found incredible biographical resemblances between me and Mr. Viola.

8. The Pixies | Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf Version)
I remember the exact moment when I first clicked play on this one. I instantly stopped wondering where my mind was. I was clearly driving my car into the ocean in March 2010 .

9. David Bowie | When I Live My Dream
To my shame I discovered this Bowie recently, thanks to a dear friend. Since then it just won't leave my mind.I still wonder why...

10. John Grant | Queen Of Denmark
This song says a lot about my last year. I think I stop here...

+11. Perfume Genius | You Won't Be Here Tomorrow
I start to believe that in the times we are living in, elders should start to take life advices from youngsters.

+12. Sufjan Stevens | All For Myself
When I listen to this song I breathe in and feel so happy to be human and imperfect.

+13. Kelley Polar | My Beauty In The Moon
This one should be in the upper side of the mixtape because it's been a while since it got stuck to my emotional ear and I always discover that the beauty of this love song is unmeasurable. The bass too.

+14. Panda Bear | Taking Pills
If I will every get to play a dj set in Berghain one day / night, I will break it in the exact middle with this track.

+15. Mock & Toof | Farewell To Wendo
Recent discovery with big potential in my musical kingdom. There is something attaching, pervert about this song, but still so very human.

+16. Idle Race | Big Chief Woolly Bosher
Consider this is 2011, even if it's obscure 1969. Musical history is an endless ocean. I'd love to be able to find all the lost pearls in it.