WARMER MIXTAPES #312 | by Andrei Ungureanu (Dor Mărunt, The Amsterdams) and Noamme Elisha of Nebulosa

SIDE A | by Noamme Elisha

It’s 6:30 am here in Chicago, and I’m completely jetlagged from my flight from Bucharest.
Here’s some of what was playing on my iPod on the way here.

1. Sunset Rubdown | Swimming
Spencer Krug told me that the things he learnt in music school don’t really apply to his songwriting now. It’s rock’n’roll, he said. To which I replied, pshhtt whatever. This piano introduction here is so beautiful and delicate, and then when the synth comes in, the song turns into an eclectic mesh of classical/electrical awesomeness.

2. IAMX | President
First time I heard this song was on some TV program where another band picks out their top five videos or something, I really don’t remember anything except that, shiiiittt, the video for this song was like dark cabaret mixed with glitter dust, and there’s nothing I love more then theatricals in music. Chris Corner’s voice is striking, and his use of lyrical imagery is very moving.

3. Explosions In The Sky | Lonely Train
This is my favorite Explosions In The Sky song. It makes me think of a post-duel western scene, where the village is abandoned and all the cowboys are dead. All their stuff is amazing.

4. Fink | Move On Me
When we were recording Chimes, I was listening to this album on repeat. I like his sad, expressive voice, and the really delicate piano and guitar.

5. MGMT | The Youth
I remember listening to this on repeat while half asleep on an eight-hour drive, and it made me have really vivid dreams. Maybe it’s all that reverb, but this song is very haunting.

6. Sigur Rós | Gobbledigook
Every single song of Sigur Rós transports me into a very tribal and magical thick forest fairyland. I also love the fact that I can’t understand what they’re singing about.

7. Vampire Weekend | Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
These guys have this chipper, academic and private school anti-frat boy party vibe that always puts a smile on my face. I can completely relate.

8. The Whitest Boy Alive | Keep A Secret
I remember having a really bad day before I went to see their show, but these guys just sucked all the bad vibes out and injected dance moves into my blood stream. Brilliant and sophisticated.

9. Wolf Parade | I’ll Believe In Anything
This is just one of those perfect songs that has the ability to get stuck in your head for weeks, but you’ll never be annoyed by it. It’s so mesmerizing and flawless.

10. Frédéric Chopin | Two Nocturnes, No. 1, Op. 48: Nocturne In C Minor (Played by Arthur Rubinstein)
Genius. Enough said.

SIDE B | by Andrei Ungureanu

1. The Stone Roses | Mersey Paradise
The first song I ever heard of the best band in the world. It changed my life forever. I remember listening to it and feeling that nothing else in the world mattered. Pop-perfection. Even though it’s reminiscent of the ByrdsI'll Feel A Whole Lot Better and even though Ian is a bit off key at times, this song just proves that if you have IT, it’s there and that’s that; it’s a song that would’ve sounded terrible if played by anyone else. And it’s not even on the album, it’s a B side that proves that what they had back in ‘89 was magic!

2. Fuck Buttons | The Lisbon Maru
I do think that one should look at Tarot Sport as a whole, but this song is definitely one that stands out. It’s a multi layered, perfectly mannered song that takes you, as Mr. Picard would say, boldly where no man has ever been before. You get teleported to some place far away from your place of being. Top-notch musical drug.

3. New Order | All The Way
They followed the musical rulebook on this one and it turned out great! Great melody and wonderful guitar arrangements. Even it’s flaws can be considered assets: I’ve never been much of a fan of Bernard’s simple lyrics and his voice is obviously not of the extraordinary, but in this case they fit together like a hand in glove. And the main synth is so simple and catchy, it’s a wonderful feeling of well being.

4. Bon Iver | Blood Bank
Someone very dear to me made me listen to this one; it’s nostalgia and waste. I need not say more.

5. The The | True Happiness This Way Lies
The song is more of a monologue with music than an actual song. But it conjures up the fabric of life in a way that’s deeply touching and troublesome revealing.

6. Happy Mondays | God’s Cop
How can you not like the crazy mixture of hooliganism, rave and lad culture? This is the definitive Happy Mondays track that sums up what they’re about. It’s all there, and, indeed, God made it easy on them. He made them cocalars, the best kind though. They’re hundreds and hundreds times better than any other artsy gentlemen (and gentlewomen) who talk about how their music reflect their soul, growth and troubled relationships and they’re hundreds and hundreds times more gentlemen ( and gentlewoman counting Rowetta) then them. They’re the gentlemen of keeping it real and not climbing up your ass as soon as you get some attention from the media/fans. ‘Nuff said.

7. The Smiths | Girlfriend In A Coma
This has to be one of the most honest music ever made. I can never grow tired of this song; the melody is deceivingly simple and straight forward and you can’t go wrong with lyrics like that. It’s the morbid that challenges the routine which is transformed into caress when the routine is no more. Human!

8. The Whitest Boy Alive | Fireworks
The highlight of the (probably) best show I’ve ever seen. Magic. These guys are so tight live that you couldn’t find the place to fit a needle between them. And the best part is that I didn’t really bother listening to them thoroughly before the show, therefore didn’t know what to expect so the contrast between my expectations and what came out was even higher. My ass started dancing on the spot. I am much obliged!

9. Delorean | Stay Close
Dance songs generally don’t last very long with me, but this one is different. Nice uplifting, feel good, clap your hands, show ’em how it’s done on the floor Gufi dance party song. Oh, and I’m a sucker for the piano chords in the background. Party hardy!

10. Montgomery Clunk | Lemonade
The guy obviously knows his beats; the song is a bit weird but it’s colourful, meticulously crafted and you don’t really know what you’re gonna get next. So many wonderful sound ideas befriend each other in only two and a half minutes’ time. I fancy seeing him live! (Thumbs up for the Romanian beer brand hidden on the cover of the Superbus EP, nice twist!)