WARMER MIXTAPES #318 | by Benjamin Boeldt [Adventure]

1. Ray Lynch | Celestial Soda Pop
This song brings up more childhood memories for me than any other song. I believe the first time I heard the album Deep Breakfast was during middle school art classes. All of my grade school teachers were new age hippies and yuppies, and this was totally their jams, and Enya, Pure Moods, Titanic Soundtrack, drum circles stuff like that…

2. Brian Eno | St. Elmo's Fire
There are so many different Brian Eno songs, that it's hard to decide which one is the most relevant to me. St. Elmo's Fire radiates both elements of beauty and movement. Which is what I'm attracted to most in music. This song sounds like it's crawling or flowing through the wild, in the Moonlight. Romance.

3. Giorgio Moroder | If You Weren't Afraid
I really love this song, because I really feel what he's saying in the lyrics, He sounds like the coolest dude.

4. Harold Faltermeyer | Axel F
Axel F is the theme song to the movie Beverly Hills Cop. It's super fucking cool, hearing this song as a kid was really important. I probably didn't take notice to that for a long time, or even know who it was by, but I was one of the first times where I asked the question what instruments make these sounds?, which may have in a way, made me aware of the existence of synthesizer keyboard. Along with Gary Numan and The Cars.

5. Thin Lizzy | Soldier Of Fortune
I've always had a soft spot for Thin Lizzy, but never truly looked beyond the album Jailbreak. Later, on an East Coast tour with Dj Dog Dick, and Ed Schrader back in 2009, we spent a day or so with Sam Goldberg and John Elliot from Emeralds in Cleveland. That's when I heard this song for the first time. What an awesome song, he really delivers those lines with a lot of heart. This is a song I play often, whenever I need to get energized.

6. Steven Stills | Love The One You're With
This one is also a good pick me up. When your down, don't worry. Things might be looking up in the near future. It conveys that feeling for me.

7. Avey Tare | Laughing Hieroglyphic
What a crooner, the vocals on this track really stick with me. It's yet another beautiful song that I can't stop playing lately. I feel like this song really lays in well with the way I'm living my life these days. Kind of confused, maybe lonely? Definitely out of body.

8. Enya | Orinoco Flow
I love gentle songs like this. As a child I would have never admitted to liking most of the music I listen to today, Enya wasn't cool to be a fan of at age 10. It made me feel weird. Probably because I secretly wanted to listen to Enya and draw with crayons... Soothing.

9. Tears For Fears | Head Over Heels
I like to listen to Tears For Fears greatest hits as I drive around town. Reduces my stress level, so many catchy songs each cast with a dream like sheen that sparkles all around the edges.

10. Cocteau Twins | Donimo
Quite possibly what I think to be one of the most beautiful songs in my book. This song brings up so many different images in my mind, it's like the soundtrack to the alternate dimension of some Victorian landscape painting, or maybe the Secret Garden.

+11. Yellow Magic Orchestra | Rydeen
This is a killer track. Very space age 30 years ago, yet timeless as well. I listen to this song a lot.

+12. Aphex Twin
Richard D. James was a big influence on me deciding to learn music. I used to want to make music like his. Of course that didn't happen! Still one of my favorites. It was really cool to get to watch him perform live in Barcelona a few years back.

+13. Depeche Mode | Everything Counts (Long Version)
This band is obviously one of my biggest influences. This track has a mesmerizing hook, and great synth work. One of my top Depeche Mode tracks.

+14. Roger Miller | England Swings
I listened to a whole lot of Roger Miller while working on my new album, maybe because it's so far removed from what I'm doing. I love the whistling in this song, so dead on! So satisfying.