WARMER MIXTAPES #319 | by Dylan Rau of Bear Hands

1. The Notorious B.I.G. | Gimmie The Loot
Sums up my life right now.

2. Das Racist | Puerto Rican Cousins
These guys are like family. Like cousins. Excellent party song.

3. Bob Dylan | Only A Pawn In Their Game
Everyone is very small. Bob Dylan is a little bigger I think.

4. Wavves | No Hope Kids
I can relate.

5. Slam Donahue | It's Scary
New kids who I rented my apartment to. They don't try too hard.

6. Animal Collective | Who Could Win A Rabbit
My favorite tune by one of the most inspiring bands around. They are really sailing the ship.

7. Wiz Khalifa | Black And Yellow
Another person in my band doesn't like this tune so I crank it when I can find it on the radio on tour.

8. Ke$ha | We R Who We R
What can I say.

9. Elliot Smith | Needle In The Hay
For when the previous song ends.

10. Tommy James | Crimson And Clover
Out with a whimper.