WARMER MIXTAPES #321 | by Felix Hedberg, Merike Kjaergaard and Tobias Gerhardsson (Älskling) of World Tour

SIDE A | by Felix Hedberg

1. Laid Back | Fly Away/Walking On Sunshine
As a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, a lonely beach in the Caribbean, but also an ordinary Summer night in my hometown Funäsdalen with the lake and mountains surrounding. This is a real escape song for me, it lets me dream away from my everyday life in 8 minutes and that is what makes it so brilliant!

2. Bryan Ferry | Slave To Love
This is a real beauty! I love the vibe you get out of the Boys And Girls record. Sexy, dark and blood-red!

3. Van Morrison | Astral Weeks
A great inspiration for me when it comes to the creation of our music. Nature, mysticism, and the misty image you get of the Swedish woods. I always think of a painting that used to hang at home with my grandmother and grandfather when I listen to this. A classic painting, don't know who painted it do?

4. The Jesus And Mary Chain | Darklands
Growing up I have always been looking through my dad's LP collection. Searching for new and interesting dreams, visions and revolts. My dad used to be a DJ and possesses a great interest in music so I've got a lot music from him. Jesus And Mary Chain is one of them.

5. Happy Mondays | Loose Fit (12" Version)
I love the don't give a fuck attitude of Happy Mondays. We use to get drunk and dance to this all night long! Magic!

6. Fleetwood Mac | Family Man
This is also one of my all time favorite pop records. So many good songs on this record! Pop magic over and over again!

7. The Clash | If Music Could Talk
This is a great inspiration I got from my dad. I used to listen to a lot of punk in a period of my life and my dad always tried to get me to discover other things like Genesis and such bands. This record was his weapon of choice.

8. Peter Gabriel | In Your Eyes
As close to perfection as one can get! So well produced!

9. Beat Connection | Silver Screen (Dreamtrak Diamond Sound)
I've been longing for Spring for about a month now! This song isn't making it easier!

10. Skriet | Fåglarna
Beautiful Swedish music!

SIDE B | by Tobias Gerhardsson

Some gentle cuts I've fallen in love with recently:

1. Björn Isfält & Lasse Dahlberg | Tema (The Brothers Lionheart Main Theme)
This is the theme song for the Swedish classic, The Brothers Lionheart. A book written by Astrid Lindgren, who later became a film directed by Olle Hellbom. The story takes place in an after life world where you can do everything you could never do in the past life. It's about brotherhood and the evil against the good. A heavenly Sea of strings and organs washes over my eardrums when I listen to it.

2. Mark & Suzann Farmer | Dreams (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
Fantastic interpretation of Fleetwood Mac. I do not know anything about Mark and Suzann Farmer and I do not know if anyone else does either. I really do not want to denigrate the original, which of course is absolutely fantastic, but sometimes I just love other people's versions more. Partly because the production is (maybe) unconsciously better. Crispier, more wholeheartedly in any way. A fantastic recording.

3. The Stone Roses | Waterfall
I'll carry on through it all, I'm a waterfall.

4. Olivia Newton-John | Love Song
An unexpectedly beautiful song. Perfect production, which is the element I usually fall in love in with first in a song. And the title is so straight on – Love Song. Love it.

5. America | Ventura Highway
This will be the first song I listen to when I take my first faltering steps in the United States. Thanks to Albin, who showed this to me.

6. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark | Almost
I've compiled a playlist of songs for myself that fits when you travel by car or bus through the night. Flares from the streetlights that bounce off the wet asphalt and all that. Almost is in there along with the Smashing Pumpkins version of Depeche Mode's Never Let Me Down Again and Hav with swedish synth duo Adolphson & Falk. Cold songs that make me feel all warm.

7. Shine 2009 | Naturally
One of many reasons why we are so proud to be on Cascine. I often romanticize about the 90's - the early hip-hop and perhaps above all, Manchester's dance music scene. Next up, Helsinki!

8. Sting | An Englishman In New York (The Ben Liebrand Mix)
Found this along with Felix when we were digging through his father's vinyl collection. I like songs that just get your head to bob up and down. At best, one begins to dance. This might also be the only song by Sting that I really like.

9. Antena | Camino Del Sol
First of all I heard a remix by Joakim on this. And as I got shivers from it, that led me to finding the original. That one gave me even more shivers.

10. Mr. Fingers | Closer (The Deep Down Basement Mix)
This song smells of Mexican beer. The soundtrack for a calm party where nothing gets out of hand. Mellow and gentle.

SIDE C | by Merike Kjaergaard

A part of the trio World Tour.
Lives in Funäsdalen, Northern hills and woods of Sweden.

1. Van Morrison | Have I Told You Lately
This song brings me right back to when I was a child, Van Morrison was daily played at our house where my family lived (and still lives). It feels like the doors are open, it's sunset over the hills and me and my sister plays outside in the grass.

2. Merit Hemmingson | Gotland
Merit takes me to the Swedish forest. In my mind. I often listen to her when I am traveling, I like the contrast. My mom introduced me to this kind of Folk Music when I was little, so it's kind of a me and my mom Maries thing.

3. Beach House | Norway
Great melodies and amazing vocals.

4. Nils Landgren | Don't Go To Strangers
Nils is an wonderful Swedish Jazz musician. I was not more than a month old when mom and dad first took me to one of his concerts. His voice and the way he plays his trumpet at, it gives me a feeling that I love.

5. Wu-Tang Clan | C.R.E.A.M.

Good beats always puts me in a good mood.

6. The Rolling Stones | Gimme Shelter
This is a heavy one... It was played loud at an after party downstairs where I lived some years ago. So, I heard it through the floor. I was alone in bed, full of thoughts, dark cold winter night. Suddenly I was struck by the feeling that my love was gone. Heart crushed for the first time. When I hear it today, I am filled with strength.

7. Fever Ray | If I Had A Heart
I love Mystery in all different ways. Fever Ray has Darkness and Integrity.

8. Hot Chip | Night And Day
Great music, great dance.

9. Nico | These Days
Travelling in Europe with my friends. Sun was shining everyday. Drove around in Tuscany, stayed at nice places, drinking red wine. It also takes me to a sunny balcony in Florence, aperitivo and olives whit my beautiful best friends.

10. Bon Iver | Perth
Feels like my heart stops for a moment. This is how Love sounds.

+11. Frida Hyvönen | Terribly Dark
A true wonderful woman. I have always been impressed by her music and image. I can't stand still when I hear this song. I'll say it's one of the best songs this year 2012, definitely.

+12. Arcade Fire | Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
Driving my car, completely satisfied. Arcade Fire, one of the best bands in the Universe.

+13. Édith Piaf | La Vie En Rose
I want to sit in an open window, look out over Paris, listening to Édith.