WARMER MIXTAPES #329 | by Joe Howe of Ben Butler & Mousepad

1. Haroumi Hosono & Tadanori Yokoo | Cochin Moon
Best start to an imaginary mixtape ever. Mysterious, funky, funny and complex.

2. David Bowie | African Night Flight
Continuing the sub-tropical mood with this track. Sums up frantic travel perfectly.

3. King Sunny Ade | Sweet Banana (Side Two)
Transporting to a bright studio in Paris, escaping the rain for an afternoon.

4. King Crimson | Waiting Man
Great synth-percussion intro and warm, longing vocal from Adrian Belew. Somehow both fast and slow at the same time.

5. Brian Eno | The Big Ship
Soft and sombre - plus it reminds me of my wedding day (!)...

6. Synergy | Delta Two
Epic, yet awkward.

7. Jacno | Rectangle
Back to Berlin and teary discussions about childhood, chocolate, milk, advertising.

8. Kraftwerk | Tanzmusik
Bringing back some energy but not removing the sweetness.

9. Mobius Und Plank | Rastakraut Pasta
We're settled in Germany now - rocking weirdly in the studio.

10. Ryuichi Sakamoto | Das Neues Japanische Elektronische Volkslied
...And finally back to Japan through the portal installed between the two countries in the late seventies.