WARMER MIXTAPES #330 | by Vito De Luca [Aeroplane]/(Javelo, The Spankers & Morpheus) of Metroplane

1. Voyage | From East To West
It's one of the first disco records I bought. It definitely has this naïve melodic feeling that I like a lot in disco music. Also the drummer of Voyage played on the Aeroplane album. It's perfect to listen in the car, perfect travel music.

2. Talk Talk | Such A Shame
This is one of the songs that makes me want to break everything. It has a certain kind of violence in it, specially just before the first chorus and the first IT'S A SHAME from Mark Hollis. It's the ideal music I have in my head. I have a lot of ideals like that, but I'm sure they are just a product of my mind and are actually unreachable.

3. The Streets | Blinded By The Light
I've been told that I look like Mike Skinner a lot. This song often comes to my mind when I'm kind of nostalgic or sad. Don't know why. The chords make me feel like I'm levitating.

4. The Smashing Pumpkins | 1979
This represent my youth. The period when I learned how to play guitar. My rock years. This song remained great and brings me back to sweet and not so sweet memories.

5. Sébastien Tellier | La Ritournelle
Honestly this song is a masterpiece. I know obviously that people know it and think it's great but for me it is one of the finest piece of pop music recorded in the last 20 years. And Phillipe Zdar doing the final mix is a life lesson.

6. The Rolling Stones | Gimme Shelter
I mean... Do I have to explain anything about this? Raw power. Pure talent.

7. Ratatat | Seventeen Years
I always feel like playing this song when I DJ, if I heard a DJ play that, I would get naked and jump everywhere. I guess I don't have the same definition of Dance Music?

8. Pink Floyd | Welcome To The Machine
This one is the one I listen to in the plane. It reminds me of my travels around the world. I close my eyes and just let the plane fly. Sometimes this song make me feel dizzy.

9. Carly Simon | Why
This the kind of electronic music I like. Good songs produced in an electronic way. The drums are fantastic and she is amazing. It's funny first time I saw her face I was really surprised! and for me none of the other things she recorded is even half as good as this.

10. Bill Conti | Gonna Fly Now (with DeEtta Little & Nelson Pigford) (Rocky III Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Epicness. If a song doesn't make me feel like this one, it's not worth it. It makes me want to cry, scream, jump, run, I don't know... It is so powerfull it's scary, with also a really funky drummer on the original soundtrack version!