WARMER MIXTAPES #332 | by Harald Björk

1. Joy Division | Disorder
I was kind of late to discover Joy Division. Of course I had heard Love Will Tear Us Apart at several pop clubs through the years but it wasn't until the release of the film 24 Hour Party People I listened to all their albums and fell in love. Disorder is one of many great songs that I never get tired of.

2. Mount Sims | No Yellow Lines
Lovely song by Mount Sims, some kind of post Joy Division feeling over it. Great melancholy and lovely production.

3. 52nd Street | Can't Afford
I have always been a fan of New Order's Blue Monday but this other Factory Recordings act is taking it to the next level... It is a perfect mix of indie, funk and disco, I just love the combination of stiffness and funk. In a way, this track is completing the music circle of life by bringing back the soul to the Blue Monday production that more or less is borrowed from Donna Summer - Our Love. And the acid beginning and break just makes it one of the best songs ever made. On top of that it has the best video ever made. This is the future.

4. The Radio Dept. | Ewan
The Radio Dept. is one of the best bands to come out of Sweden. They have their own unique shoegazing lo-fi soundscape and dare to use some really ugly sounds (and make them fit in great) and flirt with a lot of genres that not many bands would dare to involve in their music. Every release just have a special feeling. They also have some political messages which takes it to a next level.

5. Cat Power | Say
Cat Power is a real master of emotions. Fantastic track.

6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Maps
I originally found out about this song through a cover made by Ada released on Areal that became an all time favourite. When I later on started listening to Yeah Yeah Yeahs I heard the original and was very surprised and pleased. I really love both versions and the Michael Mayer & Tobias Thomas Remix as well. Still play all three once in a while depending on where I am and in which mood.

7. Ada | Bum Bum
One of my favourite artists of all time. It seems like everything she lay her hands on becomes wonderful. She has got this naive, emotional, melancholic nerve in everything she does that just results in 200% feeling. Most of Areal releases are lovely and Ada has done some of the best ones.

8. Kate Wax | Bodies In Grace (Crowdpleaser Remix)
Kate Wax is a great and mysterious artist with a unique style. I found out about her through the record label Mental Groove that put out some lovely releases around 2004-2006. She will soon put out an album that I can't wait to hear.

9. The MFA | The Difference It Makes
The MFA came into my life through Petter who introduced me to James, Nathan and the Border Community family when they were about to launch the label. The MFA had something really special, a perfect mix between love and frustration that resulted in something energetic and a feeling of moving somewhere. The music often fits a feeling I usually have when I get inspired. I went to their gig at Berghain alone in 2007. I took the last S-Bahn train in the wrong direction at first and ended up in some suburb (it looked like a swamp) with an empty battery on my cellphone. But luckily some old lady (or was it a ghost?) came with a taxi that I jumped into. I arrived arround 5-6 am with money left for the entrance and 2 beers. But I got there in time for the gig at least and had a lovely time. At first I was a little bit afraid being alone among a horde of really big hard looking guys but after a while, when The MFA started playing and the really hardcore techno crowd easened up for a bit more warmer and softer clientele, it became one of my best club experiences ever.

10. Frak | Uttoz Gives A Song
Frak is true Swedish underground at its best. The genious behind Frak is also the man, the myth, the legend behind Sweden's best record label Börft that have been releasing underground casette tapes and vinyls since 1987. This track by Frak/Uttoz/Jan Svensson is just top notch, it is Swedish summer at its peak, pure endorfin. I found this Swedish treasure in a second hand box in Berlin, today I have been having some contact with the man himself and have ordered some fantastic records from the Börft backstock.

+11. Bobby Forester | She Loox Different
When I started playing records the coolest thing you could do was to go to a small record store called Snickars Records and search trough their fantastic stock of exclusive techno and electronic music releases. The store was constantly smoke filled and in the corner behind the desk, under a gucko clock, was either Mika Snickars or Isaac Spayes. I was allways a little bit afraid of them because they were like Jedi DJs, they knew what was the shit. I heared from a guy (who at first place told me to get a pair on 1200s) that if you got to know theese guys you just had to step in to the store and they would know exactly what you would like to check out. The store still exists, with a new adress though and without smoke. Anyway here I found out about Plumphouse Records and the roots of Swedish techno (Joel Mull, Cari Lekebusch, Thomas Chrome and all thoose geniouses). Later on when I lived in Berlin in the year of 2005 I found this record at top floor of Space Hall. I listened and fell in love. Later on I found out that Bobby Forester is an alter ego of the genious Jori Hulkkonen which gives the track an extra dimenssion. I met Jori when I was playing in Turku and had the honour to visit his lovely studio.

+12. Piroth | Sing To Me
A very old track by the Swedish duo Piroth who is now working with remixers like Nathan Fake and Popnoname. This was recorded in Berlin back in the days together with a very talented guy called Sascha Steinfurt. One of the more anonymous persons in the hyped inner circle of people like Leslie Feist, Erlend Öye, Peaches etc. who used to rule the indie scene in Berlin back in the days. Piroth is still releasing lovely music and run their record label Oma Gusti Records.