WARMER MIXTAPES #331 | by Peter Carrol and Manzur Iqbal of Futurecop!

SIDE A | by Manzur Iqbal

1. Stan Bush | The Touch (The Transformers The Movie Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Without this there would have been no Futurecop! Ha! I could just get lost in another world watching this movie. Times when everything was new nothing mattered and you can dream as much as you like. The synth sounds and chord progressions are beautiful on this.

2. Robbi Robb | In Time (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Of course from the Bill & Ted movie - so uplifting. The synths are very heartfelt. The track is so under-rated, I love the build up with muted guitars and the guitar solos are amazing. We did a remix of this track few years ago, while going through our tour in USA. RUFUS!!

3. Funeral For A Friend | Roses For The Dead
One of my favourite bands of all time, they have so much emotion and power to their music, I'm an emo kid at heart! Love this track the most. Going to see them live soon, I can't wait I'm going to go mental and cry ha - no really I will...

4. Deftones | Teenager
This is so beautiful and reminds me of when I was moving schools, and how I'd miss my family and friends. I love the Deftones, when I was a kid I used to think Chino Moreno was the coolest dude on the planet, I used dress like him and got into skateboarding just to be like him. I tried to grow a goatie beard but couldn't, I still cant! LOL...

5. Sally Dworsky | I Found My Way (The Wizard Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
From the movie The Wizard; my heart skips a beat when I listen to this, reminds me of childhood innocence, especially the guitar solos and uplifting synths; Awesome times. So amazing how music can take you back to the days for a few minutes. Nostalgia can be sad. Loved that movie too.

6. Kenny Loggins | Meet Me Half Way
Reminds me of my childhood obsession with TV in the 80s and 90s. I used to rewind the part when this track comes on while watching the movie because I loved it so much; I still do now, I've got only one movie on my Mac right now and that's Over The Top.

7. Sigur Rós | Hoppípolla
Awww... So beautiful, cute and thoughtful. Makes me sad, I love feeling sad from music, it makes me happy... Hehe...

8. Weezer | Undone Sweater Song
I love this band, how they were geeky yet so cool and their music was so pop/innocent yet cutting edge. Their songs are soo good, Rivers is a genius. I got into this band very late, and other similar bands like Superchunk, Pavement, Saves The Day (their lyrics to their track Freakish has been on my FB since FB started!) and that track from that show Pete & Pete, I think the bands called Polaris. I listened to their Blue Album for years constantly at school, its so American shubarb, garage rock; I love it!

9. At The Drive In | Arcarsena
Punk rock at its finest, it's so loud and powerful but yet so emotionally driven and heartfelt. It's so raw too with minimal hi tech production; which adds to the emotion; perfect.

10. Van Halen | Jump
It's pretty obvious why we like this track... The synth is immense. Love the whole LA hair metal scene in the 80s. Sounds so futuristic but retro at the same time. Eddie Van Halen is legend.

SIDE B | by Peter Carrol

1. Ocelot | Beating Hearts (Louis La Roche Remix)
LLR gives this song his really subtle French house treatment. Lovely.

2. Kele | Everything You Wanted (Fred Falke Remix)
The best thing about this song is the big, yearning chorus. So much pain in his voice, and that always works well with Fred Falke's style.

3. Robyn | Dancing On My Own (Fred Falke Remix)
Another FF, love the way this song is so weird and creepy when you listen to the lyrics. I think everyone can relate to the unrequited love theme in some way, and the driving, relentless synthes by FF are perfect.

4. Cut Copy | Need You Now
New album from one of my favourite bands, this is my #1 track so far.

5. Daft Punk | Derezzed (Tron: Legacy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Only really appreciated this when I saw the film, on its own it can sound a little underwhelming and subtle. But the electro songs on here are as good as anything they have ever done.

6. Bag Raiders | Sunshine
Big, brash feel-good song. Very Australian, mean that in the most positive sense!

7. Kanye West | Monster
This songs cool, but the female rap who goes on and on in the middle for about 30 bars is hypnotic. Hearing this in a club feels like everyone starts dancing in time.

8. Janelle Monáe | Tightrope
Weird horn laden number from hier to OutKast.

9. MGMT | Congratulations
Nice, synthey singalong from their last album that not many people seemed to like as much. I think they meant it that way though.

10. Katy Perry | Teenage Dreams
A bit cheesy to end with but I can't help it. I just love it! The chorus is massive. It's probably great to watch live.