WARMER MIXTAPES #334 | by Alin Crihan [Aeromaschine]

1. Pink Floyd | On The Run
This track is from the band’s Dark Side Of The Moon LP and for me it represents a sort of vision of things to come, a close friend showed it to me one day and I was blown away they could do that in 1978!!! If you enjoy modern electronica, avant-garde stuff, forward thinking house and so on, this song is an inspiration in it’s own right.

2. Space Dimension Controller | 2EZ (Autopilot’s Lament)
2EZ is such a beautiful track, it makes me kick back and enjoy the small things, it’s a perfect setting for some inspirational brainstorming I would think, or just to have a quite (haha) moment alone with your thoughts.

3. Massive Attack | Exchange
Exchange was released with the Mezzanine LP and I consider it to be one of their best songs, it’s deep, it glows in the dark, it has all the trimmings. It might be overrated to say it’s sexy, but there is no other term I would use to describe this broken beat symphonic mastery of suave chords.

4. Luther Vandross | Never Too Much
This song is so captivating and Luther’s voice is so prominent he just hits each note exactly where it needs to be hit. The instrumental is something of a mindbender as well.

5. Tensnake | Holding Back (My Love)
This is one track that makes me giddy with joy each time I listen to, or play it at parties, it’s a constant smile thief. It features Tensnake’s own warped voice in the beginning and middle and the warmest chords you’ll hear in your life. But what I find to be the defining aspect of the song is, and it might come as a surprise, the cowbells. Everyone knows those cowbells when they hear ‘em, and everyone knows that it’s summer whenever they hear it, be it even the coldest of winters.

6. Fabrice Lig | Cosmic Booty
I’ve only recently been accustomed to Fabrice Lig’s work. Cosmic Booty I’ve got to say is a track that starts different to most. It’s an electronical organic piece of synthcraft that showcases how even the coldest robotic tones can be soothed by way of analogue orgy ridden chords.

7. Little Dragon | Twice
First track off their self entitled album, Little Dragon’s Twice is something of a heartmelter, it’s so intimately intrusive that I think it can soften even the coldest of tempers. And what a set of lungs and vocal skills on the lead singer! One of the best pieces of vocal interpretation I’ve heard in my short existence on this planet.

8. Capracara | Panic Beats
It was released recently on Fine Art and is one hell of a journey, fantastic vibe, love it to bits. This italodisco thing has had quite a comeback in recent times, since I am very young and still exploring genres and emotions I can only assume that the revival comes nothing short of welcome. At least, that’s the vibe that this song gives me. Piece of art, every second of it.

9. Mr. Fingers | Can You Feel It
Classic, still sounds fresh after 20 something years, its power cannot be denied. Everyone knows this track, especially for the vocal bootleg, it’s what house is about, and for me this is what deep house is. An auditory expression of lust.

10. The Model | Stars End Tazenda
Tazenda is a planet I believe in one of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series books, and while skimming through it on the edge of my seat something felt amiss. It was only after hearing The Model’s track had I realized that the missing part was a soundtrack. Stars End Tazenda is a stellar (if I may) piece of art. It’s exactly what Asimov’s story telling invokes, dark mysterious tones, mystical patterns and something that you can’t really put your finger on, but you know is always present.