WARMER MIXTAPES #335 | by Vinko Pelicaric and Eduard Raos of SymbolOne

SIDE A | by Eduard Raos

1. Chaka Khan & Rufus | Ain't Nobody
Heard it first in Breakin' movie. Got me dancing alright and can't stop ever since.

2. Iron Maiden | 2 Minutes To Midnight
First bad boy rebellion. It didn't last long enough to grow long hair.

3. Prince | Sometimes It Snows In April
Best ballad of all times. You can make a mix tape for a girl with only this song on and she'll melt.

4. Black Uhuru | What Is Life
This one is hazy, can see it in some kind of smoke.

5. David Bowie | Let's Dance
Was reading Shining when this one came out. Playing it on repeat on turntable is pain in the ass.

6. Duran Duran | Save A Prayer
What can I say. Probably learned english singing along to this one.

7. Killing Joke | Requiem
Still remember custom tape cover I draw for it.

8. Dead Kennedys | California Über Alles
Their logo was all over me.

9. Bauhaus | Spy In The Cab
If you locked me into the empty room with just this song on, on repeat, I would be happy. Weird, I know.

10. Dalis Car | His Box
Mick Karn respect here.

+11. P.I.L. | Death Disco
My man Johnny.

+12. Jean Michele Jarre | Oxygene
I would be in my own bubble, completely separated from the rest of the World when this was on.

+13. Prodigy | Voodoo People
This was a big crossroad for me.

+14. Ralf Hildenbeutel | Looking Beyond
The best ambient track ever.

+15. Daft Punk | Da Funk
Best New Year's Eve Party mix track for the end.

SIDE B | by Vinko Pelicaric

1. Phil Collins | In The Air Tonight
The ultimate song for everything final, like brake up, like final battle, like friggin everything... This one will probably be playing on my funeral, haha... Oh, and they say this song makes Chuck Norris sleep.

2. Giorgio Moroder | Knights In White Satin
What to say about this one, me and Ed like to get in to our snuggies (don't get any weird ideas) and listen to this blessing that came from outer space...

3. John Carpenter | Assault On Precinct 13
If you listen to this one with your eyes closed you can see tiny red spots vj in your eyes.

4. Daft Punk | Rollin' & Scratchin'
I still remember the look on my father's face when he entered in my room while I was head banging on this, his eyes popped out, maybe because before this song started I was listening to some of his records on his TOSCA turntable so he probably thought that I'm messing with it again, haha...

5. Tangerine Dream | Love On A Real Train
What to say... I'm a sucker for this kind of emo stuff... Best soundtrack for the best movie love scene.

6. Wendy Carlos | March From A Clockwork Orange
This one space me out every time I listen to it...

7. The System | You Are In My System
No one can resist to dance to this sweet jam... And if you have a chance listen to Spanish version it's even better...Tu Estas En Mi Systema, aiiiiii mamacita !

8. Imagination | Music & Lights
I just love this slow disco jam... So smooth.

9. Charlie | Spacer Woman
Timeless tune... Brings back memories to some best parties I've been to.

10. Sonic Youth | Shadow Of A Doubt
I know it sounds totally dopy but this one is fitting in my high school soundtrack.

+11. Hüsker Dü | Diane
A band with a name that sounds like a 21st century disease... I remember me and my brother listening to this tape while we were kids, we even made DIY Hüsker Dü t-shirts... If you asked me 15 years ago to choose some tracks this one would be in my top 3 probably.

+12. Japan | Ghosts
Absolute classic and my fav Japan song... That lead synth give me goosebumps every time I listen to it... Crazy.

+13. Ryuichi Sakamoto | Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence
I'm always totally speechless when I listen to this song...

+14. Space | Velvet Rape
For me this is the greatest love song and it doesn't matter that it has Rape in tittle, even better!

+15. Mr. Oizo | Analog Worms Attack
Thanx to Mr.Oizo and Vincent Belorgey I started to train worms and now I'm officially a worm trainer! So if any of you want to win in worm race feel free to contact me and I can make your worm a champion.